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Oregon Rex Cat

Oregon Rex Cat was a well-known feline breed that emerged mid-XX century, as a result of a spontaneous mutation of nature. Unfortunately, it did not last long; its extinction took place in the 70s.

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History tells that in 1955, in the Oregon County of the United States of America, in the middle of a farm, Americans witnessed the birth of a particular cat. The cat of the family had given birth and, in this litter of kittens, one that was very different from the rest of the group stood out. This kitten, in particular, had, as a matchless trait, its completely curly fur.

This specimen grew up to participate in breed crossing later on, with breeds of curly fur (Rex) such as the Cornish Rex, after they arrived in the United States from Great Britain. That is how the first litter of Oregon Rex Kittens came to life.

Oregon Rex Cat appeared to be a small and thin domestic cat, with body traits such as slenderness and elegance. Its small head had the shape of a, somewhat, triangular skull, with an extended and narrow snout.

Its tail was long, getting thinner towards the end until reaching the tip. As for its legs, they were slender, long, and quick, and concluded on rounded paws. On the Oregon Rex Cat’s head, a pair of big ears stood out, being round to the ends, with a pair of oval and medium-sized eyes that were extremely expressive. The distinctive feature of the species was its gorgeous fur, curly, short, dense, and attached to the body, which generated an impression of softness when touched.

This cat’s personality was remarkable thanks to their lovingness as well as clinginess. They were funny and playful kittens, even though they could also be impulsive and mood-driven whenever something bothered them, or if they felt lonely. They loved games and sharing time with their owners, although they could become arrogant sometimes. They had some problems to be obedient and were extremely dominant, that is why some people found coexistence difficult.

Its main duty was being a companion cat and a pet at home, while also being an efficient pests and rodents hunter, such as mice. They could share the company of other animals at home, especially feline. However, his bad temper, which sometimes stood up, could occasionally make him feel jealous of the other pets in the house.

Other “Rex” breeds, for instance, the Cornish Rex or the Devon Rex, are similar to the Oregon Rex, even participating in hybrid crosses between these breeds. Nevertheless, Oregon Rex Cats are extinct nowadays, only remaining some hybrid specimens among the breeds of curly fur existing in felines.

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