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Tahltan bear dog

Better known as Tahltan’s bear dog is a dog breed native from Canada, but nowadays it is extinct.

These dogs were raised by the Tahltan region’ natives (from whom they took the name), who trained them to hunt bears, but this attitude of big-preys-hunter contrast with that the histories revealed about the friendly and gentle behavior the Tahltan’s bear dog had with smaller animals and humans. They were capable to live at the feet of the natives’ families, sharing bed and food.

Usually, they feed on little pieces of bird meat and fishes. Stories tell natives brought the dogs in bags at their backs to keep their strong, and for hunt time they proceed to set them free and let them do their job at cornering the prey, confusing them with fox’s barkings, and attacking their feet, and give chance to the hunter to get close enough to make the last knock.

The Tahltan dog’s records talk to us about an ideal dog exemplar, tough, competitive, skillful, with amazing hunting abilities. Its color was in dark tonalities, could be black, brown, blue, and can be identified in the chest with some whitish spots, which also showed at the feet. Its size was in general small, more like a fox, with a stunning natural beauty; the cross length was from 15 to 18 inches, with weight among the 66 pounds.

In the cephalic region, it was very characteristics a pair of big pointy ears, with an also pointy and refined. Its fur had a thin hair layer of medium length, and another intern layer of short thick hairs, why they were called as bear-dog. Its tail was short, not longer of 12 cm, and it usually was erected.

Tahltan's bear dog

These dogs only paired once per year, given litters of maximum four puppies. Its personality was characterized for being a courageous and brave hunter, full of courage, without afraid of its prey size; by another side, they were an authentic pet with their adoptive families, gently, loving and protective.

These dogs were own of the far mountain areas, the coldest Canadian regions; this is why whit the coming of new travelers to their territory and the introduction of other dog breeds, the Tahltan exemplars reduced. Besides, this dog didn’t accustom to get moved to other regions far for its natal environment, and all these factors contribute to its extinction. Nevertheless, it was recognized by the Canadian Canine Society in 1941.

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