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Toy or Dwarf dogs breeds

The most beautiful Toy or Dwarf Dogs Breeds in the World

It is said that the best companion dogs come from breeds of Toy dogs because they are tender and calm pets that fit perfectly into the home environment, whether it is inside a house or an apartment.

There is a huge variety of Toy dog breeds. They are highly preferred since they generally have a longer life expectancy than medium, large and giant dog breeds. Below we show you the most popular Toy dog breeds.

Advantages of having a toy dog

Having a Toy or Dwarf dog ​​at home has many advantages related to space, food and even certain types of the danger they might engage in.

First, the possession of a Toy dog ​​is made easier in reduced spaces, such as small gardens or small houses.

The feeding of these dogs is also reduced, considering they don’t eat much, so they can adapt to limited budgets, and, also, they can live inside the house without major disasters. They are calm dogs that don’t tend to harm guests or children.

Inconveniences of dogs

Health problems

The main drawback with Toy dog breeds is related to their health. Because they are dogs that have been mated with dogs of the same breed, regardless of whether they are close relatives, they develop congenital diseases and are more likely to capture environmental diseases.

Some typical problems of this breed are heart defects, trachea collapse, blindness, respiratory problems, seizures, stomach problems, and hypoglycemia. However, hand in hand with the vet, you should be able to find a cure.

To a lesser extent, but it has also happened, Toy dogs have dental and gum problems. Sometimes, the teeth don’t come out all the way, which is why a vet’s help is required. At other times, the teeth do not fall alone, hence, a veterinarian must remove them.

Another problem that is related to the size of these tiny dogs is kneecap dislocation, which can make it difficult for the dog to walk. A dog of this type with such a problem makes it prone to arthritis in the future.

To a small extent, Toy dogs can also suffer from hydrocephalus, a disease that fills the brain with water, causing various complications.

It is also necessary that they always eat at a time set by their owner. If the family members feed it snacks several times a day, its blood sugar levels could rise vertiginously, risking its life.

Inconveniences related to size

These dogs are very tiny, so much that, sometimes, they can be peacefully asleep in one place and a simple stomp could wake them up, which will make the puppy scream very loudly, alarming everyone.

Toy dogs, especially puppies, are very prone to breaking their bones, even if someone lightly stepped on them. A person is several times heavier than one of these specimens, so the pressure of a foot on any of its body parts may be too much for its bones, therefore, especially if the dog lives inside the house, you must always see where you are going and if there’s a clear path. Also, accustom the dog to being in a determined place where it knows it can go to sleep.

Inconveniences related to the weather

As for the weather, they have difficulties keeping warm in cold weathers, but also keeping cool in hot environments, so, it is best to buy clothes for dogs of this size (we have a great variety in our store), to prevent them from getting sick from too much cold. If the heat is too intense, keep them in an air-conditioned space.

Finally, the drop survival rate of dogs of this size is low. They can die if you drop them, if they fall from high furniture or if they are stepped on, therefore, if you are going to buy or adopt a Toy dog ​​you must take very delicate care of your puppy from the very beginning.

Essential care

The fact that it is a small dog ​​does not mean that the necessary care of these breeds is minor, in fact, quite the opposite.

Nail problems

These dogs need much more frequent nail cuts. Cutting your dog’s nails will be a daily activity to maintain its health and aesthetics up to date.

The only way for these miniature dogs to wear out their nails is to rub them against a rough surface, an activity that most dogs do, however, in the apartments or inside the houses there is usually no such type of surfaces, so it would be a good idea to take it for a walk often to wear them out. But, even so, you cannot expect its nails to wear out completely, so you will have to be very attentive on when cutting is necessary. It is usually identifiable when you can hear a «click click click» when it walks, which indicates that the nails are touching the slab, carpet or other smooth surfaces.

Teeth problems

Unfortunately, small dogs are more likely to suffer from dental problems, so the teeth must be taken care of with great dedication.

Not all toy dogs will suffer from dental problems, but, in any case, Toy dogs will have a rather delicate mouth and will suffer a deterioration of their teeth faster.

Not too hot or too cold

It is not convenient for your toy dog ​​to endure very hot or very cold environments. Its small body is not prepared for extreme temperatures, especially colder temperatures. Buy the dog special clothing for cold climates and make sure it has a place to stay out of the sun in the hot weather.

Dwarf Dogs: A World of Play

Dwarf dogs or «toy» dogs are very small, quiet and very homey. They can spend the afternoon watching TV with you and also go out for small walks. They are very affectionate and especially adorable. If you have a small house or live in a not-very-spacious apartment, toy dogs will be a great choice on your part.

Dwarf dog breeds are used exclusively as companion dogs since they cannot be guard dogs because of their tiny size, nor sheepdogs as they would end up being the prey, but they can give enough love to a person who wants a dog but has limitations regarding food, grooming, and space.