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Medium dogs breeds

The most beautiful medium-sized dog breeds in the World

There is a big difference between the standards of medium-sized dogs and small dogs, mostly regarding their size. Medium dogs can still be a great choice for people who live in apartments or who do not have much space in their backyard, but with some space inside their home.

The majority of medium-sized dogs are very active and agile, but they also are very homey and friendly, so they are perfect for a family, with or without children.

Medium dogs can weigh between 15 and 25 kg together with a height ranging from 30 to 40 cm high. Medium dogs also have the reputation of being the smartest dogs. We invite you to keep on reading so you know about the most beautiful medium dog breeds on the planet.

Advantages of Medium Dogs

A medium dog has several advantages when compared to dogs of other sizes. For example, medium dogs have a great need for affection, so they will always be chasing after their master. They tend to behave very well and are very obedient and respectful to family members; they are usually affectionate with children and will let you know if any stranger approaches the door of your house. They are not temperamental dogs and, in most cases, they don’t have a strong territorial instinct.

A medium dog can do less harm if it gets angry than a large dog, so it can be the perfect companion for your young children, as long as each interaction is monitored by an adult who is nearby. Medium dogs live longer than giant dogs, eat much less than the larger breeds, and are very patient.

These dogs will give you many moments of joy, since they love to play and play dumb to receive affection, but you should always keep in mind that even if they try to bribe you with their sweetness, you must always be firm and comply with the training you have given them. They are very intelligent and always look for ways to get away with everything!

Inconveniences of Medium Dogs

The disadvantages of owning a medium dog almost always come because the owner does not know how to treat it correctly. In the first place, if you have a dog, you must ensure that you can feed it properly, be able to give it all its vaccinations and comply with the deworming, dedicate time, love and always take care of the training and socialization stage since it is a puppy.

Inconveniences inside the house

The main drawback of medium dogs that live in apartments or homes without a backyard is that they must go out every so often. Yes, they also have the right to receive some sunlight every day and to stretch their legs while interacting with people and other pets in the street. Many people think that dogs can live perfectly inside the home without ever taking them for a walk, but this will only make your dog feel locked away, bored and anxious, and it will certainly take it out on the furniture or the walls. It is not their fault to feel that way if they are not allowed to feel free!

Give your dog its moments of freedom every day, short or long walks, it doesn’t matter, but it is necessary to take it out so it can release all the energy contained during the day to achieve an easier sleep.

Many of the medium dogs that you can adopt were dogs that enjoyed grazing sheep or protecting them from natural predators, which is why adapting to a locked away life will be impossible for them.

Essential care of a Medium Dog

The care that must be carried out with medium dogs varies greatly depending on the breed we are talking about, so it is necessary to research the race that you want to own to know what health problems it may have in the future.

Knowing this, you can create a treatment plan with a veterinarian to prevent such diseases from developing, however, some cares must be carried out in any medium-sized dog, such as:

Visits to the vet

Any dog ​​you adopt should be taken to the veterinarian, but first, you must ask the person giving it up for adoption if it has the necessary vaccines to survive the viruses that could kill it during its first months of life. If the dog has not been vaccinated yet you should consider vaccinating it as soon as possible so that it does not get sick. Once that’s done, think about deworming. Always keep your dog up to date with all the necessary vaccinations and annual deworming.

If the dog you adopted used to be a stray dog, then you should take it to a veterinarian to get the corresponding vaccines and deworm it as soon as possible.


Educating a puppy is easy: you should start with basic orders and positive training, that way your puppy will quickly understand all the orders you give it, considering medium dogs are very intelligent; after a year you will have a highly educated dog that will respect you and will always listen to you. It is also convenient to get it together with other non-dominant dogs so that it can learn the benefits of behaving correctly and playing with other dogs, repeating the process with children and with strangers.

Now, if it is a dog rescued from the street, things become a bit more difficult since they are used to abuse, but fortunately, there are specialists in these cases that can train your dog effectively in a very short time.

Daily walks

Medium dogs need constant walks every day. If you can’t take it for a walk for at least 45, 30 or 20 minutes, make it up the next day with a one-hour walk but never leave them locked inside a house or in the backyard for a long time.

Dogs like to explore new areas and play around, so, if it always sees the same environment it can start to get anxious and bored. It is also not recommended that you leave them alone for a long time; they must share with you at least twice a day. They hate the idea of ​​being forgotten in the yard or of asking their owner for some attention only to be ignored.

Medium dogs, the best pets!

Medium dogs own an ability that has no comparison, which is that they can practice various games and never get tired. Although, these characteristics have a lot to do with the breed, so there may be some medium-sized dog breeds that have no interest in long game sessions, but in general, all medium dogs love being around their family and interacting with them.

It is mistakenly believed that medium dogs are prone to behavioral problems and have some aggressiveness when it depends largely on the training, care, and treatment they are given. It should also be taken into account that high-demand training paired with abuse will have a long-term negative effect on the dog’s behavior.

The most prominent medium dog breeds

Here we show you the most prominent medium-sized dog breeds, either for their beauty, intelligence, their hunting ability or their loyalty to their family. We cannot publish all medium dogs, but here are the most popular:

Calm Medium Dog Breeds

These dog breeds are always suitable for people who are looking for a medium-sized companion dog that is not aggressive, who requires little physical activity and who likes to spend hours in an armchair watching TV with their master, such as:

Hunters Medium Dog Breeds

Medium-sized hunting dogs tend to assist a person during hunting. Typically, these types of dogs fall into three broad categories: retrievers or collect, water and sample dogs. Here we show you the most prominent in hunting:

Medium Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed Hair

Medium dog breeds that do not shed hair are highly sought after and very appreciated, as they help maintain a clean environment and avoid allergies. Among the most prominent medium dog breeds that do not release hair there are:

The most intelligent Medium Dog Breeds

The following dog breeds stand out among others for their great attention span and intelligence.

They are dogs that assure their owners that they will be easier to train. However, it is important to remember that, on some occasions, these dogs are so intelligent that they could question the orders and authority of their owners.

The Medium Dog Breeds Most Obedient 

The following dog breeds stand out among others for their ability to obey. In general, the most obedient medium dogs are those that are dedicated to specific jobs, such as grazing, hunting or recovery, since they are dogs that are genetically programmed to obey.

Optimal Medium Dog Breeds around children

Are you thinking of adopting a medium-sized dog for your child and do not know which breed of dog is ideal for him?

In this list, you will find medium dog breeds that have great relationships with children.

Medium dog breeds for apartments

Medium dogs can perfectly be inside a house without any problem since they are adapted to it, but they should always be taken to public spaces so they can stretch their legs, run and interact with other dogs.

Medium dog breeds for houses

Although medium dogs can be indoors, it is important not to forget to play with them as often as possible, whether at home or the park to avoid stress and depression, and so they can also do their business!

Medium dog breeds for gardens