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tesem dog

History of the Breed

The history of Tesem dates back to ancient Egypt, where they were highly regarded for their hunting prowess and loyalty to their human companions. These dogs played a crucial role in assisting Egyptian hunters in tracking and capturing game, including birds, small mammals, and even larger prey such as gazelles and wild boars.

Physical Characteristics

While specific physical characteristics of Tesem are not well-documented, ancient Egyptian artwork suggests that they were medium to large-sized dogs with well-muscled bodies and pointed ears. Their exact appearance may have varied depending on their function as hunting dogs and companions.

Health and Basic Care

Due to the lack of detailed information about the breed’s modern existence, it’s challenging to determine specific health concerns associated with Tesem. However, like all dog breeds, they would have required regular veterinary care, proper nutrition, exercise, and grooming to maintain their health and well-being.

Temperament and Personality

The temperament and personality of Tesem are not extensively documented in historical records. However, it can be inferred that they were loyal, intelligent, and skilled hunting companions based on their significant role in ancient Egyptian society. They likely formed strong bonds with their human counterparts and were valued for their loyalty and hunting abilities.

Training and Socialization

As hunting dogs, Tesem would have undergone training from a young age to develop their hunting skills and obedience. They would have been socialized to interact with other dogs and humans, particularly their human hunting partners. Training methods likely involved positive reinforcement techniques to encourage desired behaviors in the field.


The diet of Tesem in ancient Egypt would have consisted primarily of a combination of meat, grains, and possibly scraps from the hunting spoils of their human companions. Their nutritional needs would have been met through a diet rich in protein for energy and muscle development.

Suitable Environment

Tesem would have thrived in the open landscapes of ancient Egypt, where they could accompany their human companions on hunting expeditions. They would have required ample space to roam and exercise, as well as opportunities to engage in their natural hunting behaviors.