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How to battle against hair loss in dogs?


One of the most common problems you’ll see in dogs is the fur loss, which wouldn’t be a real problem if it doesn’t cause generate allergies to impregnate our clothes completely and makes us look like our dogs’ brothers, but thank God there are some ways to control this hair loss to keep our place hair-free without having to give our best friend on adoption.

This coat fall in dogs may be due to different things, so the most recommendable thing to do is going to a professional, such as your trusted veterinarian to receive a professional opinion, and he will give you a deep diagnostic about what may be happening to your pet.

How to combat hair loss in my dog?

As surprising as it could sound, you must know that dogs can lose their hair because of some factors they share with human beings, such as stress or decaying food, but other things are a little bit more specifics such as the sunlight’ absence, abrupt changes in their diet and feed, atopic allergies or hormonal changes.

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Many people alert when they see their dogs left several strands of hair behind them while they are pregnant, something that could be normal to some extent, but if you see that the hair amount is worrisome you must go to your veterinarian with a pic of the amount of hair it has lost and he will determine how serious it is, or if its just a pregnancy’ symptom.

Another normal scenario that could be showed is the hair fall when it’s shedding time, which happens twice per year, and in some breeds, the amount of hair that is lost can be worrisome. But be careful of not blame this hair lost only to the shedding time, because some important diseases could also be responsible for this loss.

Factors that could cause hair loss in dogs

Some different factors could cause this hair loss, starting with the food, which is the one you must be more careful about. For a dog to have a strong and shiny hair, it must be feed with a balanced diet, abundant in proteins, with a good presence of carbohydrates, and small measures of good fats, vitamins, and minerals.

If this feed fails or lacks any of those compounds, it will surely become in a deficient feeding, and it will be necessary to rebalance it, so your dog will recover the shine and firmness of its fur.

Another factor that could be weakening and breaking your dog’s hair is allergy, or atopic dermatitis, which can be caused due to a variety of scenarios and may cause your dog to scratch a lot and even hurt its fur, so they need to be removed from its current environment different elements that may be producing the allergy, some of those elements could be fungi, dust, ticks, fleas, or maybe cleaning chemicals, among others.

Also, it’s important to remind that no human bath products can be used for them. You must always use soaps and shampoos recommended by the veterinarian because these products have the right pH for your pet’s skin. If these body creams, soaps, or shampoos are used without an expert recommendation, then it may cause allergy.

And how can I combat effectively my dog’s hair loss?

how to brush a dog

In addition to all the considerations we mentioned before, you can also consider the following things:

Brush it hair daily o weekly

If you go to the veterinarian and he determines that your pet is prone to hair loss in a regular way, then there is no better way to handle the problem than by brushing its fur daily or weekly for a few times. This will help the hair to stick on the brush and not on the environment, and this also means some benefits to your dog, as to have shiny hair without knots.

Use a medicine against stinging with grape seed extract

The stinging use to cause dogs to scratch excessively and this makes them lose their body’s fur, this is the reason why it’s necessary to use a product which will minimize this sensation, and the grape seed extract can do it.  This component can be found in pills, but the most recommendable is for you to go to your veterinarian for him to give a guarantee for its use.

Prevents your pet from filling with ticks and fleas

Both ticks and fleas bites can be extremely annoying for dogs and can produce a huge need for them to scratch frequently, you can eliminate them using products recommended by your veterinarian.