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Border Collie


Border Collie: Your new pet

Meet the Border Collie: The smartest dog in the world! Yeah, that’s right, because according to the Stanley Coren study, this breed has positioned itself in the first place of canine intelligence, since several tests applied have proved they have a 95% learning response, learning all lessons in the first five orders, by comparison with the rest of breeds that use to follow instructions after about 30 to 40 repetitions.


Although this look doesn’t overshadow the many other abilities and traits that have made this awesome dog stand out and be one of the favorites of many families, because the Border Collie, in addition to having a brilliant ability to learn, this is combined with another very valuable aptitude that is its obedience and its fidelity to its human family, and this dog also shows beautiful physical characteristics, it is friendly, sociable, and have a big energy and strength, that makes it an excellent collaborator at many jobs.

Belonging to the Collie family, which comes from the British Islands, the Border Collie is associated with the border between Scotland and England, from there comes the term «Border» in its name, and was used in grazing by its strength, obedience, and concentration ability.

The term Border Collie was introduced in 1915 by James Reid, the secretary of the International Association of Shepherd Dogs of the United Kingdom. This term was introduced to distinguish Border Collies from the other two Collies’ breeds recognized by the time by the Kennel Club, currently known as Long-haired Collie and Short-haired Collie.

It’s said that the Border Collie is a descendant from some native dogs, which could be considered as the breed’s founders, the first of them was known as «Old Hemp», at the end of the 19th Century. In this period there also is a record of a shepherd dog that is considered as the breed’ matriarch in Australia which was named «Hindhope Jed», and a more recent breed called «Winston Cap», and most of the current Border Collies are considered descendants from them.

Many of the current breeds don’t have a reliable historical record which let get the bases of the first specimens of each species, but the Border Collie has a detailed genealogical tree, and thanks to it the bases of its creation can be identified, bases that will be seen later in this article.

With great athletic abilities and a lot of energy and endurance, he has become the favorite of several dog competitions, due in part to his ability to concentrate and obedience, which has catapulted him into being one of the easiest dogs to train and educate

Border Collie: Your new pet

Due to its physical constitution, is considered as medium-sized, thick, sporty, strong and well proportioned; females usually have a little less weight and less height than males, having this an approximate height among 47cm to 56cm, and due to their shape and physical condition, can achieve a weight that ranges the 16kg to 23kg (35.27 to 50.70 pounds), and have a living hope between 10 to 12 years, if they have the right diet and a good care.

Its mane can be seen in two types, being the best known a long and abundant one, although there are some which have a little shorter and curly fur, and the most common are bicolor between black and white, but there are also tricolor with brown, white and black, but those details will be explained later in this article, such as the fact that, in general, they have two layers of hair, which protect their delicate skin from weather or moisture, and it tends to move it regularly.

It is necessary to emphasize the great amount of energy these dogs have, being necessary to take them for a walk three times per day or perform some physical or mental activities to avoid boredom or daily life bothers this puppies, because even when they are trained, they tend to have destructive behaviors and can be very barking and bite the belongings of their owners when they don’t have attention, so despite their intelligence, obedience, and temperament, so you may see them adoption homes when their initial families do not possess these sports habits and can’t handle these dogs behavior.

If your family usually make physical or entertaining activities, then there is no better pet to have, they are loving, loyal, strong, and with a great attachment to their human family, and sometimes they even copy their gestures, intuiting even without speaking, the feelings of their owners, and will look to relieve their sorrows or distract them.

Those who want to include a Border Collie in their family, must considerer, in addition to the great need for daily and continuous physical and mental exercise of this dog, and also it continuous shedding of fur, which, due to its intelligence, it’s highly intuitive and observant, it will be a reflection of the behavior of its owners, being able to properly exploit these capabilities with a right and positive training and with lots of love, that will make it the valuable pet that is genetically destined to be.

Middle Border Collie dog’ history and origin

Considered as an extremely intelligent breed, the Border Collie has its origins on the border between Scotland and England, where they were selected for grazing job.

It’s believed that they come from the border because of their name “Border” which suggests that they come from this region; however, they’re also believed to come from the British Islands.

They were probably introduced by the Gala tribes or those known as Celts, in the 5th and 1st Century B.C., so it can be said their existence is quite ancient.

There are more specific theories that say that in the 19th century this breed began to be raised in an orderly manner in the Scottish lowlands and in Cumbria and Northumberland.

The name Collie or Colley was first mentioned in the middle of the 19th Century, and where it’s believed to be the combination of the word «coal» of Scottish origin.

The Border Collies are direct descendants from the native Collie, and the history tells that by the year 1984 all the Border Collies were born from a single dog called Old Hemp and that this was the product of the union between a traditional black and brown shepherd dog with a whippet, by an owner named Adam Telfer.

The mix of these two breeds gave rise to Old Hemp, which was a sturdy, quiet and friendly dog ​​that had a great ability to guide sheep in grazing jobs, which caught the attention of all the locals by the time.

Due to the popularity of this dog, many shepherds used it like a stallion, thus becoming the ancestor of all the purebred Border Collies in the area, and therefore the father of the entire breed. It’s said that it had more than 200 puppies.

In 1860 this breed increases its popularity because it’s known that it was the Queen Victoria’s favorite pet and that it later appeared in one of her paintings.

By the year 1873, the first test of shepherd dogs was celebrated in Great Britain where the Border Collie had the opportunity to show their skills for the first time, and it’s then when it gets known.

Later, in 1881, the Collie Club was created, where a detailed description was made, for the first time, of the breed’ characteristics.

In 1906 the International Sheep Dog Society was created, where the first Border Collie was registered to compete in the activities they carried out, as an example of the grazing qualities, and where the animals’ agility was shown for the first time by the Border Collie to drive flocks, and its aptitude for work, as well as its resistance and agility in the field.

On the other hand, in 1915 the term “Border Collie” was first introduced by James Reid in the International Association of Shepherd Dogs, to differentiate the Border Collie from the two other Collies breeds that were already registered in the Kennel Club, and that they were known as long-haired Collie and Short-haired Collie.

On the other hand, nowadays Border Collies are linked to another famous dog, which is believed to come from modern Border Collies, since in the year 1963 Wiston Cap was born, which was one of the most popular stallions in the breed’ history, and to whom the current characteristics of those belonging to this breed are attributed.

Wiston Cap had a particular way of stooping while grazing, which made him be chosen as a stallion to reproduce the breed.

Wiston Cap was world champion in the year 1965

Also, in an earlier period, specifically in the year 1895, in Hindhope-Scotland there was a pastoral dog, which gave continuity to the breed, becoming the matriarch of the Border Collie; it came from New Zealand and its intelligence and its great skills allowed it to take this place in the breed’ history.

On the other hand, it was in the year 1987 when the FCI finally registered the Border Collie as a distinct breed and made the first publication of the official standard.

Currently, the Border Collies are considered as companion and grazing dogs, with unmatched intelligence and are commonly seen in agility and obedience contests being the favorites and the grand winners in these competitions.

Today, Willie is one of the most popular Border Collie, which earned its fame for the number of agility contests it won with a coach of just 11 years old. The intelligence of this dog and the lack of experience of this girl caused many people to get impressed with the ability to compete for both.

Principal Border Collie’s characteristics


The Border Collie is a dog that is characterized by looking a lot like a sheepdog dog raised in Australia, because of that, every person and this breed’ lover must know everything in depth to take care of their pets in the best way. The Border Collie is a dog considered skilled with a consistent body figure thanks to the exercise, running and jumping.

As for the size of the Border Collie, it can measure approximately 53 cm with a weight that is between 18 kg and 20 kg, the females being remarkably slightly smaller and of less weight; in spite of this, they are quite skilled equally and manage to stand out in any discipline they are instructed to perform. The Border Collie has a very elongated body with a very dynamic appearance.

Among the most specific features of the Border Collie are its powerful and muscular legs, which are part of its sports capabilities and help to perform the required exercises for its growth and development. The tail of this dog is always appreciated by a tip whit white tones, as well as its snout is characterized by finishing in tip with the brown or black truffle.

On the other hand, there are the Border Collie ears, which are generally in three types, there are the falls, the semi-fallen, and the erected ones, considering that each one has a touch that differentiates them from the others, mainly their positions in the head. In addition to this, it’s important to know from the Border Collie that their eyes are usually brown, but sometimes they can have a blue eye and a brown eye, or both blue eyes.

The fur of this breed is very peculiar; it has a double layer of hair, which can be found sometimes curly or straight depending on the genetics highlighted in the breed.

On the other hand, the Border Collie fur is also differentiated by two types of hair, short hair, and long hair, considering that both cases of fur have a double layer of hair that is also dense and protects them both of the wind and the cold. The only difference found between the Border Collie’ coatings is their lengths.

The head of this dog breed is quite wide, with cheeks on his face that aren’t round or much less prominent, but rather quite simple; in addition to this, the Border Collie occipital is also not too pronounced, which reflects a very well structured way of its skull and in a harmonious way.

The Border Collie look is quite tender, in addition, to have an intelligent and alert look at all the things that happen around it. Another important feature in this particular dog is its bite, because they have a very strong denture, in the form of complete scissors and quite perfect, which means that when they bite it is very difficult to separate them unless the dog wants to.

Its hind limbs are quite broad and powerful, whose upper profile meets a slight offspring since the tail was born. In addition, the posterior members of the Border Collie are wide, long and very muscular, with the knee joints at a good angle and parallel to each other when they are appreciated from behind.

Meanwhile, the front members of the Border Collie have shoulders tilted slightly backward and elbows attached to the body, in addition to that, seen from the front, the anterior members are parallel to each other, unlike when viewed from the profile, they are inclined slightly.

The Border Collie movement is quite soft, but at the same time very well marked, since it’s done by lifting the feet a little off the ground, giving the impression that it moves quickly and forcefully.

Border Collie’s colors

In addition, the colors in which these dogs are presented are black and white, but there are other shades that are also considered common in the Border Collie, they are tricolor black, which is understood by the colors black – white brown; the brown and white; and tricolor brown which is also understood by the colors brown – black – white, as well as other colors such as blue, red, gray or merlé, whose tones are presented in crosses with Australian shepherds.

OriginUnited Kingdom, Scotland, Wales, Ireland
WeightMale 14 – 20 kg Female 12 – 19 kg
SizeMale 14 – 20 kg Female 12 – 19 kg
ColorsBlack, white, blue, blackbird red, lilac, striped fur, chocolate, blackbird blue, gold
BehaviorTenacious, Energetic, Enthusiastic, Receptive, Alert, Intelligent
Lifetime10 – 17 years
Ideal toChildren hiking surveillance home shepherd
Recommended weathercold (but fits almost everyone)
Other namesscottish shepherd dog


Border Collie’ behavior with humans


The Border Collie isn’t a very large dog if we talk about size, but that doesn’t mean that its abilities and skills aren’t great. On the contrary, this breed dog stands out a lot in diverse activities due to its great energy and potential. That is why many people consider the Border Collie as a dog that was designed to live in rural areas, but with good training and a great daily routine, it can adapt perfectly to the city.

In most cases, it’s recommended that the family that wishes to adopt the Border Collie, have a very active life where sport and constant walks are their passion, and also accompanied by the desire for train the dog to provide all the time the love and stimulation that they need to feel comfortable with each of the family members.

This breed has great potential that will be shown according to the skills that the owner has to take care of it and train it, being able to get the obedience, order, and fidelity this canine has among its qualities from the Border Collie.

It’s necessary to remember that the Border Collie is a dog that requires dedication and a lot of time with its family because it could become a super destructive and even excessively barking dog if it doesn’t have it.

Hyperactivity, anxiety, nervousness and bad behavior are negative consequences that the Border Collie can manifest due to lack of energy, loneliness, and boredom, making this a bad company for the family. That is why it’s important that, before adopting a dog of this breed, the time available to dedicate it to the pet and make him happy has to be very considered.

Also, we must recognize that the Border Collie is a dog that remains quite faithful to its human family, in addition to the intelligence that characterizes it, which helps it along with the observation to quickly understand the expressions of happiness or pain that people show. Given this, the Border Collie will be very sweet, and loving with the family.

With strangers this dog’s breed haves a reserved manner and appears quite shy, so he will stop to observe the behavior of his master and the rest of the family before being caught or petted by strangers. Therefore, it is very important that the attitudes shown by their owners in front of the Border Collie and strangers are firm since it will depend on the treatment that the dog gives to these people.


The Border Collie is a leading dog in every way, in fact with this dog you can get to form special and unconditional links between those who show it love and attention. Something very characteristic of this dog is its look since it will remain fixed in its leader when it’s in work moments, showing the capacity of concentration that is lacking in most dog breeds.

This breed dog loves to work and feels happy when it does it since he expresses his enjoyment; it also has resistance and firmness that mixed with its shepherd instinct, helps to gather, control and even lead the flocks assigned to it, doing it in the best possible way. In fact, these characteristics show how excellent the Border Collie can be with the kids of the house.

This canine is perfectly compatible with children since it has a very balanced, calm and firm character; and it’s quite healthy and also understands very well the limits that exist when playing with the little ones in the home. The Border Collie also maintains great peace of mind when playing with children in various games, which makes it a perfect dog.

The games between children and the Border Collie should have should be addressed with specific objectives such as making circuits, searching for the ball or even jumping obstacles; all the things that stimulate the creativity of the child and the dog is recommended for the playtime time between them.

Although the Border Collie is a calm and balanced dog, perfect to live with the little ones, it’s necessary that children have an education that let them have a good treatment with animals, especially with their pet, reinforcing what they should or shouldn’t do, through the strengthening of a special bond. However, the Border Collie has great patience, which with the help of proper training, will be the dog you always dreamed to have at home.

Border Collie’s behavior with other dogs


The Border Collie is a dog considered as «the smartest dog in the world» due to an analysis carried out in 1995, which reflects that these canines can obey the first call the 95% of the time, and even more. That is why these animals have become one of the most desired dogs by many people, including athletes and workers in different areas.

The Border Collie is characterized by being a fairly active and work-loving dog, for which its performance is better observed in rural areas, remembering that if these dogs are alone and bored, they will not hesitate to get a little destructive and unhappy, calling the attention of its owners and demanding a constant company, in addition to the outputs you need to be happy.

The instincts of a sheepdog owned by the Border Collie leads him to be quite protective and jealous with the members of his family, although these are other types of animals or breeds, if they live with him from puppies, they are considered by the canine animal part of the family. It also happens with the territory in which the Border Collie lives, making it an excellent guard dog and chosen by many people who work in the security area.

The Border Collie is loved for its tranquility, its great balance and its patience to adapt to changes and although it gets along quite well with other pets or other breeds, it is important to remember that they are very reserved with strangers, therefore it will take time before he accepts and shares with some other pet that is strange to him. The Border Collie could start biting the heels of strangers as if they were leading sheep.

These dogs of breed have enough energy and unlike other canine animals of their size, they require a lot of walks and exercises that help them to be active accompanied by great happiness that they will not hesitate to demonstrate, provided that the Border Collie considers it necessary.

The Border Collie is a canine animal that requires a lot of attention from its owners, so if this dog of breed observes that they pay more attention to another pet or animal before him, he will become very jealous he will begin to take negative attitudes bringing many problems. For that reason, it is important to educate them from an early age and make them understand that everyone needs some time and attention.

The character of this breed will depend very clearly, on the purpose and occupation that will be given to the Border Collie, this characteristic is a specialty that the owner of this canine should take advantage of since unlike other races, the Border Collie He really enjoys performing the tasks entrusted to him and of course, he is taught during his training.

The Border Collie is not a dog that will devote itself exclusively to chasing sheep or caring for flocks, but during its growth, you will get tools that make it capable of spinning and directing them to their corresponding place. In addition, he has a very powerful ability to dominate and impose his authority over those around him, as far as animals are concerned.


The Border Collie temperament related to their behavior with other animals is based on the number of activities and work they have, as well as how the job responsibilities are divided, since the more work the Border Collie has, the happier you will feel when doing them, taking into account that for this race to stay active, interested and busy is very important.

The issue of nervousness in the Border Collie when meeting a strange animal, in general, is a very common problem that this breed has in terms of personality, which will be improved according to the environment that it possesses and its occupation, in addition to the confidence that this animal has with respect to its owners, considering that they fill it with love and fidelity.

Border Collie’s necessary cares


The Border Collie is one of the hairiest dogs of the canine world, and for this reason, in addition to its incredible size, it attracts too much attention; but there are many areas of care for this dog that should be considered to let it grows healthy, happy and alive for as much time as possible, considering that its living hope is between 15 and 17 years of age.

To take care of the Border Collie, it’s necessary to know and accept that they are grazing dogs, reason why they require a very big amount of exercises, and even more if they live on apartments or in places where they don’t have too much space to run, jump or do whatever they want. Keep in mind Border Collies aren’t dogs that adapt easily to strangers’ company and therefore will need socialization training from a young age.

Also, the Border Collie is a dog that is accustomed to living in the countryside, in large areas where it can feel free to run, play, jump and have some peace; in fact, these dogs don’t respond well to loud sounds or sudden movements, because their eyesight and hearing are very sensitive.

However, Border Collies are extremely smart dogs, so much so that they are considered the «smartest dogs in the world», reacting very well to the training, in addition to being characterized by being very playful and those moments can be used to teach them.


Among the care you must have to brush its fur, which should be done once or twice a week, paying special attention to the knots that the Border Collies commonly have, remembering that their fur is one of the most striking physical characteristics it has. Therefore, it’s also important that the hair that grows on the front legs and tail has to be trimmed, provided it’s considered convenient to keep the Border Collie in very good condition.

On the other hand is the bath time, which is recommended to be done every month and a half, or every time it has become heavily soiled to keep your Border Collie clean. However, if the dog isn’t very dirty it can lengthen the bath time every two months, and also you must use a specific shampoo for the pet’s fur so its hair will look healthy and shiny.

The teeth of this particular dog breed have to be constantly brushed, due to as in other breeds, the Border Collie tends to accumulate tartar on its teeth, so it’s important to prevent it by helping with a toothpaste ideal for dogs and a brush recommended by your veterinarian.


Furthermore, some snacks can also be used to help take care of their teeth. Currently, there are toys specially created to chew and clean their teeth. These will also keep the Border Collie entertained and healthy for a long time, keeping everything under surveillance to prevent these oral health tools from being ingested by the pet.

The Border Collie, in recent years, has experienced an excessive increase in its popularity, which has allowed many people have also increased illegally and notoriously the population of this peculiar breed, without having the necessary information to care for them and maintain a right health treatment.

This lack of information has negatively affected the Border Collie’ health, since congenital diseases have also been increasing and the appearance of some temperamental problems that have affected the behavior of these dogs, mostly with fear and some aggressiveness in some exemplars.

It’s important for your Border Collie to have their vaccinations updated, just as with other breeds, and be supplied by your most trusted veterinarian.

During its first year of life, the vaccinations are constant while from the first 12, the dog will be vaccinated once per year, according to the veterinarian’s recommendations. It’s important to be aware of this area so the Border Collie will stay healthy.

On the other hand, it’s important to remember the Border Collie may have some diseases such as cataracts, deafness, hip dislocation, lens dislocation, progressive retinal atrophy, among others diseases that are quite common in these dog breed, and therefore require great attention to the symptoms that may appear.


The Border Collies are dogs created to live in areas of the countryside and where it can be outdoors for a long time, which also means a big risk for this breed since they could suffer from parasites such as fleas or annoying ticks. Considering that these can be camouflaged very easily between the long coat of the dog and also it’s recommended to check it when they are in the process of brushing.

Border Collie’s diet and feed

The Border Collie is one of the dog breeds that are noted for their great intelligence, for their ability to learn quickly, for their beautiful fur and for their shepherd character that makes them the ideal dog for many families. This breed is quite hardworking, has a great desire to obey their owners and they are also very sociable when they are trained for it.


This dog is used mostly for sports activities where it’s needed great agility and energy, where no doubt its food is very important to make this pet healthy and fulfill all the functions or areas entrusted to it. Remembering that the Border Collie isn’t a large dog and whose weight should be between 15 kg and 20 kg.

To feed a Border Collie, it’s important to know its age, due to according to the stage in which it is, it must be more or less feed, because it will not be the same nutritional need that a puppy Border Collie has, with what an elderly Border Collie will need. Therefore, it’s very important to know the age and periods the pet goes through before feeding it.

Similarly, it’s important to know some characteristic features of the Border Collie that plays a prominent role in their diet. Among the main ones we have that this dog breed has a very sensitive stomach, so most of the time it could be affected by food causing vomiting or general discomfort, also knowing that stress or allergy to some ingredient could play a point against the pet.

Also, this dog shouldn’t eat cereals, because foods that contain corn or gluten can cause skin problems or the problems to its sensitive stomach. So it’s best to avoid these ingredients from the Border Collie’s diet.

Due to its digestive problems, it is advisable not to saturate the Border Collie’s digestive system too much, and separate food into 2 or 3 daily servings is the most appropriate so it will digest its food in the best way. Emphasizing that the food provided to the Border Collie should have a fairly high energy dose since its constant exercise and a bit nervous character requires it.

The Border Collie is a dog that needs its diet to be distributed with high protein percentages, therefore foods such as eggs, fish or meat are the main ingredients that must be attached to their diet, so it’s important that they are in a place where it’s easy to reach these foods.

Also, the Border Collie is a dog that should be feed only by breast milk until it reaches the first 2 months, since during that time the mother’s milk that provides 90% of the defenses and nutrients the puppy needs to survive those first weeks of life, besides it’s much healthier, nutritious and caloric than any other food that can be provided.

However, it’s after 3 or 4 weeks of age that you can give the pet wet foods or some food made porridge so it can drink and get used to the taste of the food. It’s recommendable to gradually decrease the water in the mixture after the first month until after the second month it can be fed with more solid and dry food.

During the puppy stage, it’s necessary to provide the dog with high-quality food, because this will be decisive for the good growth and optimal Border Collie’s development, among which it’s expected to have healthy and strong bones and muscles. In this case, the meat is necessary for the puppy to have a proper diet, so its food should be divided into 4 portions in the day until it reaches the 6 months and then it can be reduced to in 2 or 3 portions daily.

However, there are currently prepared foods on the market that contain nutrients and proteins that benefit the Border Collie’s stomach and digestive system, without necessarily being cereals. But for this it’s important to review the content and ingredients of the food is going to be given to it, making sure that it has all that the small pet needs, or consulting with his veterinarian.

In the case of adults, the puppy or junior food should be exchanged for a feed created for adults from the year or even year and a half, since the protein, nutrition and vitamin needs are different, although it’s important to highlight that the best foods for an adult Border Collie are the natural ones since it gives a better treatment to your pet’s stomach.

But when they are old, these dogs need a lower amount of fat, calories, and energy than when they are puppy or adult, so it’s very important to change their feed or the amount of daily food to avoid suffering from overweight due to the decrease in activity and exercise.

How to know if a Border Collie is pure?

To know if your Border Collie is pure, you must look at the physical characteristics of a pure Border Collie, since it must meet specific parameters such as:

Height and weight: approximately 53 cm high at the cross (the part where the trunk of the animal joins the neck at shoulder height) and weigh up to 20 kg. Females should be a little smaller.

Fur: ​​it can be long or short, although the latter is usually less common. In both cases, they have a double layer of dense hair, which protects them from the cold.

Color: although multiple colors ranging from brown to blue, reddish and even merle color are allowed, the rules of the Fédération Cynologique Internationale indicate that in a pure Border Collie the white color should not be the one that occupies the most space in the dog’s fur.

Eyes: they must be well separated and brown, except in some specimens that could have one or both blue eyes.

Ears: erect or semi-erect and alert to any type of noise.

Body: must be athletic and with a muscular back.

Another way to know if you have a pure Border Collie is through their behavior. Being shepherd dogs, they have an innate need to always be in touch with nature and to stay active.

If you live in a city, then you can observe a large amount of energy accumulated by the animal and a natural ability to want to jump, run, and exercise all the time.

The pure Border Collie is slender and lifts their legs very little, so it gives the impression that it moves stealthily and at high speed.

How to train or educate a Border Collie?


We could easily talk about basic guidelines, norms, and criteria for dog training, but it’s important to understand that each dog needs care and attention at different times and stages of its educational process, since each dog is a unique individual, regardless of race.

Very good training will allow the Border Collie to interact with people and not only with family members, in addition to that, but the training is also about this learning basic rules, not to bite, or not to attack people long before it does it. In fact, it is not necessary to wait for the dog to have bad habits to train it since it will be more difficult, although the Border Collie is such a smart dog that it can learn quite quickly.

When it comes to a Border Collie in the puppy stage, you can’t start teaching complex tricks, although this breed is considered the smartest in the world you can’t start with the most difficult things. On the contrary, a train with the most basic norms and according to the time must be initiated and the progress of the dog will increase the complexity.

For this it’s important to associate a unique sound for each order, regardless of whether they are names or words, it is important that it be a single sound and repeat it several times, although this form of training seems boring, it is very important that it is always used the same word to prevent our Border Collie from getting confused with orders.

In its first 3 months until 6 months, it can be taught the basics, such as sitting, getting up, lying down, walking with his owner, going when its called, going around or not even throwing off the belt when they walk. These orders are quite simple and therefore, you will learn quite quickly during those first months of life.

Then, during the 6 to 12 months, it’s a good time to start teaching the Border Collie to talk, roll or bring things to its owner, as well as you can attach some trick with medium complexity. But it is very important to be aware that the Border Collie already handles the basic orders and fulfills them perfectly to ensure that these new ones will also be easy to learn.

From the first year the party begins with the training, because the Border Collie is in a stage where everything is allowed at the learning level, and according to it, it can attach actions such as bringing the newspaper home by in the morning or even to ring the doorbell when it needs to leave. At this stage, it is time to teach the dog all the tricks you want.

One of the ways to train your Border Collie is to do it through mental stimulation since these dogs are quite smart and therefore will need a stimulus that it mentally sees consistent. Therefore, take it for a walk, teach constant tricks, provide mental challenges or even the dedication of time will be of utmost importance for the animal’s learning.

On the other hand, you have the importance of having a consistent schedule or routine for the Border Collie, since these dogs learn by repetition and customs, so on many times the owners choose to take their dog out in the morning, they then leave it at home with its family or with friends who are willing to play with it and keep an eye on them while they are on their workday and subsequently relieve the family when they arrive home.

It is also important at the time of training that you get the full attention of the dog so it can learn anything. For that, it is suggested to get a place and time when there are as least distractions as possible before starting the training and thus be effective and get an assertive response from the Border Collie.

Another very important thing is to have coherence during training and the orders given to the Border Collie since it is not advisable to start with a word or a name and then change it, but always use it, in addition to demonstrating firmness with the decisions taken at home regarding the dog.


The use of positive reinforcement to achieve correct learning and obedience is the best training method, due to the Border Collie doesn’t respond to punishments or ill-treatment. Therefore, using treats or a prize after training is the best way to educate the pet.

And finally, patience is one of the most important tools for Border Collie’ training, getting angry will not bring any benefit to anyone. That is why it is important to remember that despite being a smart dog, it learns through repetitions until it internalizes learning.

The ideal environment for the Border Collie

The Border Collie is a dog which you have to study in detail the needs it has and evaluate the comforts that can be offered, due to its nutritional and health limitations that to adopt a breed like this must be considered correct and ideals for the welfare and benefit of the Border Collie.

Among the main things to know, we find food, because the Border Collie must live in a place where it gets the necessary food, so this can be an easy task; in this way there will be no complication in terms of foods that can generate an allergy and therefore a disease, remembering the sensitivity of your digestive system.

In addition to it, the Border Collie must live in areas where the weather is mild, due to its double coat which helps this dog to remain in areas of extremely cold or very hot weather, however any difficulty this dog shows, you must visit your veterinarian.

Also, it should be remembered that it is not only about locating your pet in a place with the right climate, but also that its habitat needs to be the most suitable according to its characteristics. Therefore, the Border Collie requires a house where there are yards with quite large dimensions, in a way that allows it to move, run, play, and burn the energies with the exercises you want.

So you also have to emphasize the Border Collie feature in being territorial, and this is one more reason to locate these dogs at a home quite large and near places like parks, where you can release all that vigor and energy that it has daily, remembering that the company for this dog is of utmost importance.

There are many people who like to walk, exercise, climb mountains and perform a series of activities such as these that benefit health. However, there are people who do not have those same outdoor disciplines.

But for all those who bet on the breed of a Border Collie, they must constantly get used to long walks. That is to say, that a dog of this breed, so muscular, smart, energetic and whose ancestors were in charge of such sporting tasks; it is not a dog that can be in a house, locked, alone or bored, because this will end up decreasing the quality of life of the animal, but on the contrary, they must do activities together, sports and outdoor outings where it can feel comfortable and free.

It is impressively important to give the Border Collie and any other dog or animal that is adopted, the ideal environment for its happiness. Just as parents wish for their children the best wishes and work to make them happy; likewise, dogs as a few more members of the families must be given the best environments for them to be happy.

Something very particular about this breed is that as it is given doses of love, affection, tenderness, dedication, loyalty, trust, and joys; that way the dog, regardless of sex, will give its owners care, protection, fidelity, affection, fun and everything that a family wants to have with their pet and their pet with its family.

For many people, dogs or pets, in general, are one more child and therefore, they are treated as such, while for some others dogs are only pets, which should respect the family but the family has no obligation to them; in that case, it is better not to adopt, because despite being dogs, they are living beings that need to be treated with the same respect, love, and courage as humans.

Having a pet is not a game, but rather a great responsibility so that anyone who wishes to adopt a pet must accept and fulfill the responsibilities and needs that the dog have to achieve optimal well-being conditions and enjoy the years of life that are allowed, in calm, tranquility and happiness, both for the Border Collie and for the family and home.