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Small dogs breeds

The most beautiful Small Dogs Breeds in the World

Having a dog has become an important motivation for people. A dog can become a beloved pet at home thanks to their talent of protecting family members and love them unconditionally.

A dog encourages children’s sense of responsibility. If they have a dog, they will have to take care of it, feed it, and take it for a walk to keep it healthy, both emotionally and physically.

Thanks to their size, small dogs can be the perfect match for families that live in an apartment or small house.

Advantages of Small Dogs

Small dogs will always be easier to carry than larger dogs. This easiness is an important advantage since you can take them to the vet, go for a walk, go on vacation, and take them with you when moving out, among other trips.

As well as toy dogs, small dogs are perfect for indoors or gardens with limited space. The diet is another factor that people must take into account when adopting or buying a dog. Therefore, if you choose a small dog, their feeding will not be as demanding as the volume of food that a large dog needs, being cheaper to feed them with the best food brands.

Small dog breeds are the best for quiet or homely people. Thanks to their size, they do not require taking a walk every day.

Furthermore, small dogs have more acceptance in shopping centers and other places of public attendance, as they are associated with minor hazards.

Additionally, small dogs have a higher life expectancy. Hopefully, a small dog can reach even more than 20 years of age, being its regular life range from 15 to 18 years. Nevertheless, there have been reports of dogs that have lived 24 years. They also are wonderful partners, for playful children, without representing any major risks.

Disadvantages of small dogs

While there are many advantages, there are also disadvantages to small dogs. Small dogs are fragile, both for illnesses and for accidents in which they fall, are beaten or run over. It is easy for children, in their innocence, to treat a small dog gravely and dislocate a bone or, in the worst case, fracture it. Similarly, if you are not careful, you may give their leg a stomp, causing a fracture to your small dog.

Moreover, you have to avoid playing by placing them in high places. The reason for this is that they are nervous dogs, and may try to escape to the safe ground by jumping. Consequently, they will get injuries that might cost them their life.

It is also inconvenient to have them play with dominant dogs that are larger than they are. They are dogs with a lot of courage that will not hesitate to challenge larger dogs and, due to their size, might end up losing.

Essential cares of a small dog

Small dogs, like all dogs, require basic cares to keep their health in optimal condition. Visits to the veterinarian during the fifth week of their life to receive their corresponding vaccines, inspections of their ears, eyes, and teeth. These are essential for small breeds.

Cares according to the weather

Small dogs also require a warm coat. They are dogs that do not tolerate extreme cold since their little bodies do not emit enough heat to endure extremely low temperatures. If a small dog stays outdoors in cold weather conditions, it may suffer from hypothermia.

Therefore, you must buy clothes and accessories for small dogs that can keep them safe and warm. It is also required for them to have a place where they can take cover from the heat or cold.

Diet of small dogs

Small dogs may feel hungry more often than medium dogs because they have accelerated metabolism. This metabolism results from them making an extra effort to maintain appropriate body temperature. Due to the small amount of fat in their body, this is a remarkable effort. As a result, it is necessary to feed these dogs with many calories.

In the dog food (croquettes) market, there are brands dedicated specifically to small dog food, offering croquettes with respectable caloric content. These croquettes make your little friend’s diet balanced, and their quick metabolism will not be a problem.

Caring for the snout of a small dog

Small dogs have a more fragile mouth than big dogs, which is why their teeth suffer major damage than larger dogs. The deterioration starts showing after three years of age.

At this age, you should start cleaning your dog’s muzzle with regularity, to avoid major harms. The symptoms of deterioration of the dog’s teeth are bad breath, bleeding gums, and reluctance to mouth inspections caused by the feeling of pain.

As for the brushing, it must be frequent. Brushing the dog’s teeth will prevent them from starting to deteriorate because of the stagnant food in them. Go to the veterinarian so they can recommend toothpaste and toothbrush special for dogs, as well as arranging periodic reviews of their teeth.

There are also bone-shaped bars, with an extremely pleasant smell and taste for dogs, which encourages them to bite and bite, while cleaning their teeth.

You should also be aware of the nails of our dear friends. You must clean them, keep them cut, and make sure that they are healthy. Small dogs’ nails do not wear out as easily as the nails of large dogs, so you should cut them more frequently, in each bath if possible. You should also be careful because if you cut more than what is required, you can cause a small hemorrhage in the nerve endings inside the nail. You can, instead of cutting, file them, and do not risk a hemorrhage.

Heart cares

Small dog breeds may have more heart problems than large dogs. The heart sometimes cannot cope and overstresses, causing great weakening and not pumping enough blood under regular conditions. This problem begins to increase when the dog turns ten years old.

Learning about small dogs

Small dogs are the perfect companions since they can fit perfectly in a car. You can carry them and take them on public transport. When relieving themselves, you will not have a lot of work collecting their waste, and when feeding them, they are mostly satisfied with 350 gr of food a day.

Another advantage of these little ones is the ease you have when walking with them since people accept pets almost everywhere. Traveling or simply walking will keep these animals happy and distracted.

Small dog breeds are as energetic as any other medium or large dog breed. The difference between large and small breeds is that the latter is a bit mischievous, and if they do not receive the attention they need, they will cause disasters at home.

Dogs of small breeds are temperamental and distrustful. They can try to intimidate other dogs or other people, even if their attempt is in vain since their size causes a lot of tenderness.

Small dogs are the most common pets. They are smart, charismatic, and love family life.