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Pomsky: Your New Pet

The Pomsky dog is extremely particular and special. If what you need at home is to adopt a pet that does not grow much, this little hairy dog is ideal.

The Pomsky is a breed but is so new that it is more seen as a hybrid dog, that is, it is not yet recognized as a breed by any of the official pedigrees issuing clubs. Therefore, its standards are not yet officially determined, and Pomsky dogs do not have pedigree yet. This beautiful specimen is just being born and is not yet officially recognized, so its history is just beginning.

This little dog originated in the United States and is a combination of two similar specimens, which means that it is a dog of mixed blood. Although due to its recent appearance, it is very little known, you cannot doubt its tenderness, its intelligence and all the characteristics that make it an extremely special animal.

The Pomsky is the result of crossing a Pomeranian with a Siberian Husky. This dog is very special and its name, Pomsky, comes from the combination of these two breeds.

For a Pomsky to be born, a Husky female must mate with a Pomeranian male because the female is larger and can support the birth of the puppies. The best thing about this new specimen is that it can live for a long time easily, so the family will have a Pomsky for a while.

The Pomsky is a dog easy to maintain and with not so strict care.

It is a very quiet type of dog that does not cause trouble. The families that feel prepared to buy or adopt a dog but do not know what breed to choose because they live in an apartment, then, the Pomsky is the dog you are looking for this type of environment and small family!

Pomsky is the perfect dog because is a mix of big, small and fluffy. It adapts easily to the environments that surround it and is an extremely affectionate animal with lots of qualities and characteristics that its owners should know and others too that they will go learning little by little.

You can see in the physical aspect of the little Pomsky the dominant genes of the Husky female. If you observe them you can see many features of the mother’s breed, so their appearance is similar to a small wolf.

They are dogs full of joy and they love spending time with their masters. They are not slender dogs but rather chubby so it is necessary to maintain the perfect care of its muscles and especially supervise their diet to avoid future problems.

Getting prepared to have a Pomsky as a pet is not hard. It is necessary that since they are pups you establish a family connection deep and special. The training of this animal is based a lot on its master’s temperament. They are sensible and active dogs so the master must give the orders in the right way without looking aggressive since it could hurt the dog’s susceptibility.

The Pomsky is extremely sociable it can share easily with pets, children, and humans. You have to keep in mind that each specimen has its personality so you must educate it since it is a puppy to prevent problems at some moment.

An educated dog is a happy dog. Any Pomsky will be a model dog if you educate it from the beginning. Its intelligence is extremely high so understanding orders and learning fast will not be a big problem for the dog. The more you educate it, the dog will be more open and more willing to cooperate and play.

The Pomsky dog will not get sick frequently. Its health will depend on the care of the owner and the periodical visits to your trusted veterinarian. Besides the common diseases that dogs could suffer, there is nothing to worry about with this little friend.

It has strong muscles and firm bones that make it a heavy specimen that has good resistance although it has small paws.

History and Origin of the Pomsky dog


From that cross resulted in the Pomsky. Genetic allowed the Pomsky to inherit the fluffy, abundant and soft hair of the mother and the size of the father.


It was not until 2013 that the Pomsky became known in the United States. This hybrid was a total success, not only physically but genetically and emotionally. It is an extremely smart animal with a very high learning ability compared to other hybrid dog breeds.

The Pomsky inherited physical characteristics from its mother, from the eyes till the wolf aspect, whole the special touch comes from the Pomeranian breed that gives the Pomsky its pocket size. If well it is true that the Pomsky originated in North America, the breed has extended in many European countries, especially in Spain.

It is currently very popular in the United States since it looks like a puppy throughout its life, in addition to the fact that it is possible having it inside small houses or apartments. This makes the Pomsky an extremely attractive dog.

Unfortunately, this breed has not been recognized by the Official Club of Pedigrees. This means that the Pomsky does not have Pedigree and the standards, characteristics and the rest of the information is not officially published yet.

Principal Characteristics


The Pomsky dogs have not a determined size yet. The American Animal Association has not assigned them a standard of sizes.


Since it is a new type of dog, the species have not yet been homogenized and the size variants are quite uneven. There are Pomsky with very small paws and small body, almost of the Pomeranian’s size. These are the most expensive and sought after specimens. But, some many Pomsky dogs are taller, almost of a Husky’s size, and with the rounded appearance of a Pomeranian.


These dogs have dense and a bit long hair, quite similar to their mother’s hair. They also inherited the very picturesque colors of these breeds, black, gray, white and, in some cases, beige. Even if they do not have hair as long as the husky, you must brush it continuously to prevent the dog from leaving hair everywhere.

In addition to this, the Pomsky has the rounded and soft characteristics of its parents. This makes them a bit lovelier than their father.

There are many documented cases that these dogs have the Pomeranian walking instead of the Siberian Husky’s. This is a point in favor of these puppies.

As for the weight, due to all mentioned before about genetic, there are not equal specimens. Some specimens do not exceed 7 kilograms, some can be medium and reach 10 or 11 kilograms, and there are other more impressive cases of Pomsky dogs that have reached 14 kilograms. Because of the rareness of this dog, its colors and physical features will depend on the genetic load with which it is born.

The Pomsky does not have an equal form. Each specimen, as strange as it may seem, can have its original characteristics. The genes of this animal will always stand out. Their physical development depends on their genetic load, but their temperament is another matter. It is usually very similar in all Pomsky dogs but the truth is that it is as varied as its physical characteristics.

The Pomsky dog tends to have an amicable and sweet appearance. They look like wolves and are sweet and look extremely vulnerable at the same time.

Little by little, the Pomsky has gained popularity and recognition in more and more countries. Its special particularities make the Pomsky a pet that almost everyone wants to have. The description of the Pomsky is not completely veracious, so you need to adopt a puppy to see how the animal develops throughout its life.

It is still important to be informed of their standards based on other owners’ experiences and thus be able to have a better idea of ​​how much the animal can develop.

Life Expectancy

This dog has no known chronic diseases that can significantly shorten its life. However, it can develop very dangerous diseases if it is not vaccinated on time.

A well-cared Pomsky can perfectly live between 14 and 16 years, so it is classified as a long-living dog, although in part this is due to its small size.

In some cases, the Pomsky dogs do not inherit the genetic conditions that make them develop their parent’s typical diseases. Sometimes they inherit the Pomeranian’s and other times they inherit Husky’s diseases. In unfortunate cases, they could develop the unfavorable genetic conditions of both Husky and Pomeranian.

This happens because the standard is not established. It needs to be stabilized and that the specimens explicitly adjust to it. To do this, associations like the AKC would have to recognize it as a breed, which may take many years.

In any case, the diseases that the Pomeranian and the Husky tend to have are already known so you can investigate how to prevent them since your Pomsky is still a puppy. These diseases are:

  • Joint problems
  • Eye problems
  • Dental tartar

Maybe the most serious problem, luckily, is the dental plaque one, which a veterinarian can erase easily. It is recommendable to take the Pomsky to the veterinarian at least twice a year if it is healthy and at least in one of those visits, clean its teeth.

To avoid this problem and its complications you can buy chewable and ingestible toys to your Pomsky. Dogs love to bite these toys and, due to their texture, they eliminate tartar.

Character and Personality of the Pomsky dog

Probably one of the things that people who want to adopt a Pomsky want to know is if this dog’s behavior is more like a Husky or like a Pomeranian. Well, you must know that the Pomsky, most of the time, is a perfect combination of these two breeds.

It is very active, playful and tireless, like the husky, but it is also a dog that extremely enjoys being lying on our legs watching television, like the Pomeranian.

It has a funny personality. It will always do the best gestures, grimaces, and actions to get our attention so we can play with it and spend a fun time.

Although it is a tiny dog, the Pomsky will not drain its great energy with a daily five-minute walk. You must make for it at least 20 minutes a day so it can perform the necessary exercise to keep its health in an optimal state.

The Pomsky, like any other dog, will feel very sad and bored if you do not dedicate to it the time it needs a day. It could get to become a destructive dog, although it would do these things to drain the leftover energy and not because it is a bad dog.

The Pomsky will not have problems with strangers, it rarely attacks them or barks when they are visiting the house. This is because it did not inherit the territorial instinct of the Pomeranian dog.

The behavior of the Pomsky with Humans


It is a very sociable dog. They are very loyal and faithful to their masters so there is no problem if you want to adopt one.

Although this dog’s training must start from an early age, the principal characteristic of the Pomsky is its facility to get along with humans, other dogs and even with other pets.

Even when every Pomsky is different, we can say that they are very opened to relate to humans, especially with the smallest of the house. Pomsky’s personality is very playful so the energy of the children goes hand in hand with the dog’s and they can spend all day draining so much energy that at bedtime, they will all fall.

The Pomsky does not need to stay attached to its master all the time. It enjoys the moments of tranquility and loneliness when its family is doing their chores but at the time of sharing, this beautiful dog gives all its attention and all its love and affection to its loved ones.

Pomsky dogs are very kind and patient with children. They can get along very well and tolerate them very much. The Husky genes, which are pack dogs, were inherited to this hybrid that enjoys a lot the company of the kids.

To guarantee this good behavior the Pomsky must be trained since it is very little. The common training methods that any breed uses will be enough to keep this dog quiet.

The Intelligence of the Pomsky is impressive, they like to obey and make their loved ones happy. Getting along with humans is part of their education so it is important to be consistent and firm.

The Pomsky is a familiar dog that can easily live inside the house. It will only need a good alimentation and a daily exercise dose to keep it lively and happy.

The Pomsky dog will be perfect for you since it can give you a company that only a dog best friend can give. The Pomsky will follow you everywhere and almost always it will be willing to play and pay much attention to you.

Are Pomsky dogs good for children?

The Pomsky dogs are generally good with children although some of them do not have their breed balanced in 50% Pomeranian and 50% Husky can develop little patience with them. Therefore, it is recommendable that if you have children in your house, choose a specimen that shares more physical characteristics with the two breeds.

We recommend you this since the Pomsky dogs that have a great genetic resemblance to the Pomeranian, are the ones with little patience towards children due to their scary character. Small dogs do not like to interact with children since they get scared due to traumatic experiences that they could have lived.

How to improve the relationship of a Pomsky with children?

For the Pomsky to get along with children, it has to understand that these are no danger for it. To achieve this, you have to instruct the children on how treating a pet. Kids must understand the importance of treating animals as if they were persons, that is, with love, respect and knowing that animals can love and feel like anybody.

When children know this, they will know that is necessary to take care of the Pomsky since it is a living being that could give them many moments of joy.

It is recommended to teach the children that a small dog is no toy. It is convenient not to hold them or place them on high surfaces. They must be careful when playing because if they fall on the little Pomsky, this could die.

How to make the Pomsky trust the children?

If the children treat the Pomsky right, they will not represent a threat to the dog, so it will feel safe to interact with them. We have to stand out that if the Pomsky has a bad experience with children at an early age, this could mark it for life, making it act nervous or aggressive with kids.

The behavior of the Pomsky with other dogs


The Pomsky is a very fun dog, it likes playing and draining its energy on challenges and games with its owners. They are not as athletic as their Husky mother, on the contrary, they tend to be a little plumper and this is due to their father, from whom the Pomsky also inherited its tranquility but not too much of it.

The behavior of the Pomsky is not aggressive at all, little by little the owners have explained the behavior of this recent specimen, which could have different characteristics in each case, as they have stated.

Adopting a Pomsky is a wonderful idea and the fact that there is not much information about the breed should not be a compelling reason to be afraid. The key to the good behavior of this dog is its education.

Any dog must be educated since it is a pup so the training of the Pomsky since the first months of life will guarantee a good attitude and much obedience. It is clever and intelligent so it is not hard to teach rules to this beautiful dog.

The experiences of the owners of Pomsky dogs have revealed that they are extremely obedient and can be very independent. Besides, they behave adequately in the necessary moment. They can be playful in the company of other dogs or can stay quiet and easy when they are lonely.

The Pomsky is the ideal pet. It is strong and independent, protective, loving, playful and amicable. Both sexes usually behave positively with other dogs.

The Pomsky dogs know that all the care and love from their masters is only theirs and spending fun time with other specimens does not bother them, on the contrary, it feeds their personality.

However, this does not mean that the Pomsky cannot be grumpy and not willing to receive another pet, this happens more frequently with females since they are more dominant. Nevertheless, the Pomsky tends to behave very well despite the circumstances.

Are the Pomsky dogs dominant?

The Pomsky female is dominant so it is important that you train her since she is a puppy and with very well applied techniques. Despite its dominance, she is not aggressive. The Pomsky only wants people to accept their personality which is very eccentric and she wants to show it to everyone. She is very overprotective and is always alert to any movement. We have to emphasize that female Pomsky is usually more reserved and cautious.

Pomsky males are quieter and less reserved. They are not dominant towards their owners or other animals, they can coexist with cats, other dogs, and birds without problems. They are much more similar to their Pomeranian father. The male can be a bit unruly so it is necessary to educate him like the female, in a firm way but not seeking to intimidate him. These specimens are usually very sensitive and sentimental.


Are Pomsky dogs territorial?

Pomsky males are not territorial. This dog loves playing and socializing. They may have a little instinct that encourages them and pushes them to continue discovering and exploring the unknown.

Pomsky females are territorial and overprotective. They like to be in control of their territory and its surroundings. They take much interest in knowing who are the ones invading their space. They will not do it aggressively. They will alert their owners with loud barks but they will not attack.

Females take care of their homes and due to their intelligence, possess so much confidence that they can understand the intentions of those who come near them. She knows how to behave properly at the right moment.

How long does Pomsky’s zeal last?

The zeal in the Pomsky is pretty more different than the fertile stage of a human woman, in fact, they do not match almost anything. To understand perfectly how long, the zeal of the Pomsky lasts, when she can get pregnant and how to act if she does, first, you will have to know in what period fertile zeal is produced and how long it lasts so you can get her together with a male Pomsky and she gets pregnant.

The zeal in a Pomsky female usually lasts 23 days on average which would be like four weeks, although sometimes it can last only two. You must be aware of the appearance of the symptoms of zeal in the Pomsky if you want her to copulate with a male soon since the next zeal will occur in six months approximately.

Symptoms of zeal in a Pomsky

The symptoms of zeal in a Pomsky will be very obvious if she is close to you all day. Normally, a Pomsky is very active and playful but when she gets in the zeal phase, she will be very attached to you and also very affectionate, even more than they already are. This is the first symptom, an affectionate dog, although if there are no more symptoms, it is very hard to determine the beginning of the zeal with just this one.

Another symptom that can be decisive to know if your dog’s zeal has already begun is the swollen vulva. If your Pomsky has a swollen vulva and is very affectionate then you can be at least 50% sure that the zeal already started. Now, the percentage increases up to 80-90% if, in addition to having the swollen vulva, it also bleeds a little.

The bleeding is due to the swelling of the zeal. This breaks the veins of the vaginal walls.

Another important point is the presence of strange males close to your house or the insistence of the males of the house for being close to her or even if they try to copulate with her. In addition to the other symptoms, you can now be 100% sure that the Pomsky is going through the zeal phase.

How long does the Pomsky’s pregnancy last?

Something that almost all dog breeds have in common is the time of pregnancy of these. Almost all dogs give birth at two months of pregnancy and the Pomsky is not the exception. However, since it is a new type of dog, there is no statistical information that defines what is the normal timeframe or after how many days it will give birth with complete security.

What you can be completely sure of is that this beautiful natural event can occur from 53 days to 63 days of pregnancy, from day 65 it is advisable to go to a veterinarian to study the case. From day 66 – 67 it becomes strictly necessary for her to be attended and get help to give birth since both her life and the puppies’ could be at risk due to the complication of the pregnancy.

To prevent complications in the pregnancy you can follow the next advice:

  • Prevent the Pomsky from being ridden by a medium dog and much less a large one. The Pomsky is small and large puppies could complicate and make natural labor impossible.
  • Avoid abrupt games at all costs while the Pomsky is pregnant. This includes lifting it, running with her and scaring it.

Creating a space for the pregnant Pomsky

The Pomsky must not only be safe while she is in the sweet waiting, but she must also feel like that. For that, you have to create a place where she can snuggle up with her pups after she gives birth. To do it, place clean rags that you don’t use and create a kind of nest in which puppies cannot easily get out and can always stay close to their mother.

Therefore, the Pomsky can go to her resting place during her pregnancy and in this place, when she detects that it is safe, she will feel ready to give birth more easily.

Diet and Alimentation of the Pomsky

There are many doubts and questions regarding the feeding of a Pomsky hybrid. This dog has different eating habits, not only for its genetic load but for the size of each specimen.


Each Pomsky is different. You cannot feed a tall 14-kilogram Pomsky the same way you would feed an adult 7-kilogram specimen. The physical characteristics vary in each animal so it is necessary to give them a proper diet depending on their age and satisfying the needs of their body.

Just like their parents, Pomsky dogs are not hungry and greedy about their food. Although each breed has its characteristics, each one eats just what they need, so imagine that is the same with the little Pomsky. In order not to tempt fate, it is recommended to feed the puppy by adapting the nutrients and portions to its age.

The Pomsky hybrid starts its development since the two months of life until its nine or ten months of life so it is fundamental to give it quality food during this growing period.

The Pomsky pup must be fed three times a day during its first months of life.

It is important to cover the Pomsky’s nutritional value correctly. It can eat high-quality dog croquettes or even a homemade meal based on many vegetables and animal protein such as chicken or meat.

To guarantee a good alimentation for the Pomsky since an early age, it is important to know how much the animal weighs to prevent giving it exaggerate portions of food. A puppy must eat at least 150 grams of croquettes a day for at least the first two months. This quantity must be divided into three portions with some hours of difference. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, like any human.

In the fourth month, the puppy will start taking a size similar to the one that will have in its adulthood. You must remember that no specimen is equal, so at four months it can weigh 5 kilograms or more. The amount of food it needs depends on its weight. The food must be divided into three portions until the dog is one year old.

Not only is the amount of food that you give to a Pomsky enough. The food must contain the proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, and minerals (including fat) necessary for the dog to grow healthily and not alter his personality or character due to some health problems caused by bad nutrition.

To maintain a good diet in the Pomsky, constant observation is necessary. From its size, its weight and behavior. All these details should be noted and evaluated by a veterinarian who must keep regular control of the animal and can help standardize this new breed that has gradually evolved.

The Pomsky loves playing around and doing different things every day that helps it learning new conducts. With the food happens the same, the Pomsky gets bored and its owners can intersperse the food between homemade meals, cheese, slices of chicken or meat and their quality croquettes but with different flavors.

It is necessary to avoid supplements at all costs. A veterinarian can inform the owners in case it is necessary but while the Pomsky is healthy and fine with his regular diet, he does not need to eat other foods outside its diet that may affect his development.

When the Pomsky reaches adulthood happens the same with a puppy. The alimentation will depend on its size and weight. There are Pomsky hybrids that can weigh more than ten kilograms and others that barely reaches eight kilograms.

During the Pomsky’s adult years you can add to its diet wet food. It is a healthy, nutritive and mostly different diet, and besides, it is different from the croquettes and helps the dog not to waste its teeth quickly.

An adult Pomsky will eat what is necessary according to its weight. If it weighs more than ten kilograms, it will need at least 900 grams of food a day divided into two portions. If the Pomsky weighs less than ten kilograms, from 500 to 700 grams of croquettes will be enough to keep the dog active and with enough energy to perform its common activities.

The Pomsky’s health will depend on the alimentation it has since it is a puppy. If the diet you chose for your specimen is balanced, that is, it contains moderate fats and is rich in vitamins and nutrients, the dog will have excellent health, with more energy and will feel very happy and always willing to play and spend time with its family.

How much should a Pomsky eat?

A Pomsky is a small to medium dog. It cannot be placed in a category since the sizes are variable. Some are more similar to the Husky and others are more similar to the Pomeranian. This is due to the lack of standardization, so breeders do not agree on the characteristics they should have.

If the Pomsky weighs less than 10 kilograms and it has good health (is not malnourished), then it is a small dog and its intake of croquettes must be of 155 to 185 grams daily. If the Pomsky has medium-size parents, then it will have to eat during the second to the eighth month of life from 265 to 280 grams of croquettes.

To an adult Pomsky, things change. The adult specimens must eat adult croquettes, on the contrary, they could get fat. The adult Pomsky must eat adult croquettes, otherwise, they could get fat. The adult Pomsky must eat from 180 to 255 grams of food daily, but if they are active the maximum quantity of croquettes increases to 265 grams daily.

Necessary Care


If well, it is true that the Pomsky is a special dog, it does not mean that it requires excessive or strange care. Adopting a beautiful Pomsky puppy is wonderful and its care is no different than any other dog of a different breed needs.

Nevertheless, it is not the same as having a short hair dog, and in the case of the Pomsky, both its parents have medium long hair so it is necessary to establish a good routine of regular cleanliness thus preventing parasites or other diseases. Even for the aesthetics and smell of the fur, it is necessary to keep it clean and sanitized.

It is important that regardless of the age and size of the Pomsky, it stays clean and healthy. To maintain that hygiene status, we recommend you the next advice for the principal care of the animal:

How to bathe a Pomsky?

The expert veterinarians have not established an exact frequency in which you must bathe the pet. Bathes are a fun moment where all families can participate or can also be a pampering time for the pet in some dog spa.

It is recommended that the Pomsky bathe at least once a month. This dog can live very well inside a house or apartment but they are usually unruly and playful so they are exposed to getting dirty. Keeping your dog with a good smell and without parasites in its fur is essential for the health of the members of the house and the pet.

How to brush a Pomsky?

The Pomsky’s hair is thick and soft like its Husky mother’s. It is necessary to maintain a daily brushing to prevent entanglements and to take care of its skin. Daily brushing will prevent the bathes of the Pomsky hybrid from being weekly, which could seriously affect the natural secretions of the animal that are necessary to its health.

Ear Care

The Pomsky must be attended regularly. Its ears are straight and always alert so it is easier for external agents to penetrate this area, therefore it is recommended to check them once a week and clean them with gauze and specific products recommended by the veterinarian. Even, the specialist should teach the owner how to clean that delicate area of ​​the animal.

Nail Care

It is necessary to check the nails of the Pomsky, especially if the animal lives inside the house. When they are outdoors it is more common to observe that by nature they wear out but if the Pomsky is inside the house, its nails can be a little longer than necessary. So, it is recommendable to do this type of care with an expert since a bad cut can generate dog pain and bleeding.

Teeth Care

The Pomsky needs regular teeth to check. It is recommendable that at every periodic visit to the veterinarian, at least twice every six months, there is a dental check-up. Any dental problem can cause health problems to the Pomsky. However, the feeding and the intake of necessary nutrients through food will help the dog maintain a good denture for a very long time.

Pomsky Vaccines

Vaccines are essential for the Pomsky dog ​​from the first month of age. This action requires a lot of firmness on the owners’ part and only the veterinarian is authorized to administer them and is the one who will be in charge of keeping the owners of the Pomsky informed every time the dog needs deworming and vaccines. Maintaining control of vaccines will prevent health problems in the animal and keep humans free of diseases.

There is little information regarding the diseases that affect the Pomsky dogs. Based on the experiences and history of their parents, it can be expected that it has inherited problems in the heart just like its Pomeranian father who also tends to suffer dental problems.

You can expect the dog to live approximately 14 years of life. if you intend to adopt a Pomsky, this dog will last a lot of time.

Pomsky’s care habits should be done as a ritual. It should be considered as a sacred ritual where the dog and its family can feel comfortable and at ease with what they are doing.

The brushing and bathing time are unique and special moments that become extremely happy and nice memories. Each care is given to the pet transmit it all love and care that they feel for the animal. The Pomsky loves feeling spoiled and when the attention is on it, it feels extremely special and with the need to be affectionate and friendly with its family.

How to train or educate a Pomsky dog


For this new type of dog, it is not impossible to be obedient, on the contrary, these pets are very willing to follow the orders of their owners.

The training of the Pomsky is not something out of the ordinary. It is necessary to follow certain basic guidelines to maintain positive training based on reinforcements and much love.

  • From the first day that the Pomsky puppy arrives at the house, it is necessary to make it understand who rules so it can get the rules of the house quickly and safely. Establishing rules that same day will help the dog understand. If what you are looking for is that the dog does not walk throughout the house, place barriers in the accesses where it can escape from the site destined for it. Thus it will know that there is where it must remain. Remember that it is a puppy and that the rules should be easy to understand.
  • A good reward will make the dog anticipate the training time and it will feel motivated to continue obeying correctly. It is impossible to train a puppy if you do not include a reward. These rewards are regularly some little and not so strong snacks because the constant stimulation of the training and the frequency in the practice can make it fat easily.
  • It is necessary to know your pet. Each Pomsky develops its personality. Knowing the dog while it trains and grows is primordial to learn from its behavior what it likes and what it does not like, principally to prevent mistakes and action that will not produce a positive effect. If the dog is constantly upset and does not advance on its training, it is necessary to evaluate the way you are educating it.
  • Rewards with food work but it is indeed very important that the dog feels praised by its owner. Dogs feel, love and for that, every right act they do, they must feel cheered and hear love words from its owner. They need to feel that they are doing it right and that with every word and pamper can feel motivated to continue obeying and to be a model dog. The Pomsky is extremely smart so there will be no problems when training it.
  • It is important not to saturate the Pomsky. Training should be daily but a lot of pressure on them can bore them quickly. It is best to do small sessions of a maximum of fifteen minutes. It is important to stimulate their imagination and that each moment of training is different from the other. It is important to combine training with games, remember that it is a puppy and its way of seeing things is different from an adult’s perspective.
  • It is important to end the session if, during the training, the master feels frustrated. The idea is not to mistreat the animal, this is a job that requires a lot of patience and negative energies can affect the puppy’s training.
  • It is important to finish each session of training positively so the animal does not feel hurt or scolded and so it can train again with any kind of fear. Each session must be different regarding the order that you try to teach it. If not everything goes as expected in the first attempt, it is necessary to finish with a reward and so the dog will know that he can expect a good reaction from the trainer even when it does not do things correctly.

The Pomsky hybrid is wonderful. There is still a lot to discover about this little animal that has a few people enchanted. Fans hope that soon there will be much more recognition for the Pomsky and that their characteristics can be established and thus gain the trust of those families who want to adopt a dog.

When Pomsky enters the family is very common that it integrates very easily to the home. Normally, it wants to be spoiled, especially by children that always want to be playing and giving the dog everything it asks for.

To avoid that this behavior results in disobedience, it is necessary that the training is given by all family members. That each family member who relates directly to the Pomsky learns how to educate it and that they do not break the established rules themselves because that would lead the animal to feel very confused.

When the Pomsky is properly trained, there is no way it will do mischief, it will not cause serious problems and its behavior will be very good with other pets, walks in the park and especially with other humans.

What should I keep in mind when adopting a Pomsky?

Adopting a Pomsky is something that no matter how easy it is since it only consists of going to the breeder or person who wants to give it up for adoption and obtaining it, the obligations that involve having a dog go far beyond that simple action.

Many dog ​​owners realize very late that their lifestyle does not match with their dog’s lifestyle, so they decide to give it up for adoption or in the worst case abandon it, which is simply cruel and inhuman. Abandonment would make your dog very sad so to prevent your dog from feeling this way, you should take several tips before adopting a Pomsky, which will allow it to live its whole life at your side:

Space: never adopt a dog if it will not have enough space to be in. You must have a big house if it will live inside, or a yard if it will sleep in the garden.

Alimentation: keep in mind that it will be another mouth to feed and this one requires special food, which you will have to cover from the date that you adopt it until 12 or 15 years in the future.

Time: Pomsky and all dogs deserve time. They deserve some words from you, a pamper and a daily walk to maintain them physically and emotionally stable. If you cannot give time to your dog, then do not adopt it until you can make some space in your life for a pet.

Leave it to the care of children: another frequent mistake that people make when adopting a dog for their little child to take care of all its needs, big mistake. Dogs, regardless of their size and age, need from an adult’s care. Would you leave one of your babies to the care of another one of your little children?

The Pomsky needs the care of a mature person, someone conscious of the necessities of the dog. That person must take it to the veterinarian eventually, create a routine to feed it from four to two times daily, must bathe it, take care of it and give it time. It is okay that a kid takes care of it, but this care must be expendable since it is you who is giving the dog the “serious” care.

How to rear a Pomsky?

The raising of the Pomsky is of low difficulty, raising it will not be a major problem if you know how to do it, therefore, we will teach you the most relevant aspects of the rearing of the Pomsky.

Dedicate time to your Pomsky

The Pomsky are dogs with behavior that overflows energy and a lot of physical activity. They are extremely playful and active dogs. They have good muscle mass, although they are not as stocky as the Siberian Husky.

This characteristic of their body requires constant exercise to keep it. Besides, they are also very attached dogs with their masters, so it is vital to dedicate the dog several minutes a day, so they can feel satisfied and loved.

Train your Pomsky

Naturally, the Pomsky needs constant training when it is still a puppy. It is not a dog that grows much as a Husky, but to prevent that it develops a reckless behavior, it is necessary to teach it what it can and cannot do. The normal thing is to teach it where it can defecate, where it cannot excavate and that aggressiveness is wrong.

Take it out for walks

Taking the dog out for walks, besides draining its explosive energy will get it entertained a lot and it will be spending quality time with you. The Pomsky loves all these things and it will surely demonstrate it to you by licking your face when it gets back home.

Daily exercises can be in the shape of a walkout or hike. These are necessary, otherwise, your dog can start behaving rebelliously and even break some sofas of the house simply to drain the energy contained in its body.

Take care of the Pomsky

You have a dog, you need to take care of it! Take it to the veterinarian if you just adopt it and have not vaccinated it. Deworm it when the veterinarian indicates you to and comply with the established vaccination calendar. All this will lengthen the life expectancy of your beautiful dog.

Ideal Environment for the Pomsky

The Pomsky is a dog that can live inside the house without any problem but it is necessary that inside the house it has its own space so that it feels comfortable, happy and calm, especially during its resting moments.

The pet must have a space that it feels like its own. It can be at any space of the house, the important thing is that the dog feels identified with it and that when it needs to rest, play or spend time alone, it goes to its own space.

Dogs also get stressed and can be in a bad mood. The Pomsky is not a dog used to being sad or moody, on the contrary, they are extremely happy and cheerful. However, there are days where it needs to be alone and that is why it must have a private space in the house.

Besides a private space, the dog must have all the necessary comforts to keep up with all its needs.

Its toys must be near its resting place. It is necessary that if the dog lives inside the house it has things to entertain and play with to prevent that its curiosity or boredom makes it take destructive behaviors with the things of the house.

Besides, it should have a blanket and a comfortable bed large enough so the dog can stretch and move as it wants. The cold floor can be very uncomfortable for dogs that is why it must have its bed inside the house.

The plate for food and water must be close to the resting place. It is much better to give privacy to any dog during its mealtime. Depending on the size of the Pomsky you have to place the plates for food and hydration. If the dog is tall, both plates should be at neck height to prevent future injuries and gastric torsions or gases that can occur when maintaining a bad position while the animal is eating

The dog can have its space inside the house but it also needs to burn all accumulated energy, it needs to have fun, feel loved and exercise to be healthy.

It is necessary to establish an exercising routine and daily games for the dog to be okay and for it to be obedient. A dog that has nothing to do tends to do many mischiefs and when if it is inside the house, it could all end being a total mess.

It is important that if the dog lives outside in the garden or backyard, it can also have its own space and its own dog house so that it feels warm and comfort on cold nights and can cover itself from the sun.

The Pomsky adapts very well to different environments but you must keep in mind that they are cold dogs and their bodies are made to stand low temperatures. If the Pomsky lives in a city where the weather is warm, it can have problems with the heat due to the amount of fur it possesses.

The ideal environment for the Pomsky is not hard to find. Places, where it can have its own space, will be enough, and also, the love and affection of its family will make any environment perfect for the animal.

How much exercise should a Pomsky do?

The Pomsky is a small dog classified as a pet, however, it is a descendant of the Husky, a dog that needs a lot of liberty. Nevertheless, although it is a small dog, the Pomsky can weigh15 kilograms or more if you feed it any time it wants since it is a gluttonous dog.

This characteristic of the Pomsky makes necessary a daily exercising session. This cannot last only five minutes or think that it will be enough that the dog follows its owner around the house. The Pomsky, although it looks like a sedentary dog and a pet-kind, is actually a dog that needs medium intensity exercises to drain all the energy that it inherited from the Siberian Husky.

The Pomsky dog that knows perfectly how to divide its day into moderate exercise sessions and a long time lying on your lap or its bed, so you should not deprive him of the exercise.

Some quite interesting ideas regarding exercise sessions that you can practice with your Pomsky are the following:

Play to chase it: The Pomsky loves that you play with it. Play to chase it and it will instinctively playfully run from you. This is an activity that will tire it quickly.

Play catching the ball: this is another trick that the Pomsky can learn and will be quite entertaining. Be careful not to throw the ball to roads or places with unevenness to prevent accidents.

Walks out: the walks out will entertain the Pomsky a lot and at the same time will drain its energy. Of course, you can combine walks out with games or training sessions to make it more interesting.

Remember practicing with your Pomsky some of these activities every day for it to maintain a healthy lifestyle.