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Affenpinscher: Your new pet

The Affenpinscher is a dog breed with a very particular look, and it is ideal for the fun dogs’ fans. Have a small size, which guarantees the possibility to be by his owner side in any space.

Also, is known that even with their small size, it used to be much-appreciated dogs for hunt pastimes, with the hares being its favorite preys; they were the ideal option to take them off of their hiding places thanks to their size. However, those activities are old paper, and now they play the role of loving companion dogs but find them as guardian dogs it is not impossible.

Some people may consider the Affenpinscher as nosy dogs because they are always paying attention of every single move its owner made. Likewise, it gets excited when it finds new visual or auditory experiences and is a little bit prankish and stubborn, but it is part of its charm.

Their owners like to please them, but so many complacencies may conciliate the appearance of bad habits, so it’s necessary for its owners to stay straight and not to yield under the tantrums they make when they do not get what they want.

The behavior in front of people is extremely positive because they can be friendly with our friends since day one, which means their presence will never impede our social activities.

In case the way to get close to them is too abrupt they could get scared, so it’s necessary to remember people not to invade their personal space too fast, to not get them uncomfortable.

It is usually friendly with other pets, due to this isn’t common for them to show aggressive or to show irrational intents to have conflict; the opposite, they can be kind of nervous, so the appearance of a new creature in its environment may scare them initially, and under those circumstances they could get a little loud, but once they get used, it’s past time.Affenpinscher1

The Affenpinschers are very smart dogs and love to spend a lot of time playing and pranking. Their owners get satisfaction being near to them because this dog is the perfect partner to escape from monotonous times. Also, its fur is very flashy, so you can be convinced you will be the spotlight with an Affenpinscher next to you. All these advantages come in a small box that is just expecting to be opened by a loving owner who’s ready to adopt it.

The Affenpinscher is a dog breed which sizes makes takes care of them an easy job. It does not require a big effort, starting with the food amount consumed -that is reduced- and bath time, which is relatively simple. Furthermore, you can go to walk with them to any place and even carry them if you want to, the Affenpinscher adjusts to your necessities.

In an apartment, they have more than enough space to live free, don’t get used to getting bored because life is like a daily adventure for them. You can find them paying attention to every single thing happening around them and is usual for them to follow their owners all around the place.

Are perfect for those owners who want a dog they can go for a walk and the Affenpinscher loves long walks. It is recommendable to take them out at least once a day, to guarantee a perfect mental state.

If they are good cared, it is normal for them to live around 10 or 12 years, a long life period for a dog with its characteristics.

The weather is an important factor to consider when you decide to take home an Affenpinscher, due to its something that could influence its health and guide us about the necessary care for its fur.

Extreme temperatures aren’t proper for this little dog pals, they like better fresh environment because its fur has to be according to it; it is recommendable to brush them a couple of times a week, and additionally cut it once a time, making sure its not too short because it is one of its mechanisms to adjust its body temperature.

Affenpinscher: history and origin

The Affenpinscher is a beloved dog for its funny look, and it is an emblematic German breed with an interesting history.

Affenpinscher ancients are very antique, and even when look-alike dogs have been registered since the XVI Century, their characteristics were different. The exemplars were bigger, between 12 and 13 inches. Also, its fur color was more as black, grey, or even burning red, and its paws and chest were commonly white.

They were known as buzzard dogs or buzzard terriers, and their principal role was to kill rats to avoid them to destroy the harvest. Furthermore, were an essential part of the farms, and used to sleep at the barns.

Historic records are kind of vague, but it’s known the first man dedicated to raising these dogs was native from Lubeck, Germany. With the past of the years, the selective raising caused their reduced its size, which let them sleep at houses to fight against rats, which were hated pests. These dogs changed its color becoming pepper grey or reddish black.

The origin of Lubeck dogs is not identified, but some evidence points they come from Russia were they used to live a small dog similar a Schnauzer (14 inches tall), which was used as a hunting dog. This dogs presumably disappeared due to the excessive hunt decreased the prey quantity, however, apparently, some exemplars were moved to Germany, and after some mixes with local breeds, the Lubeck dogs were originated.

The dog raiser by the age made some successful mixes between this new German breed and other similar breeds, making this job in a try of getting a perfect home-dog for its needs. Some of the mixed breeds are the pug, the straight hair German pinscher, and another silky hair German pinscher. This antique mixes made some of the color variations founded sometimes in some litters.

If we come back to the XVII or XVIII Century, in Germany already existed a dog breed with similar characteristics to the modern Affenpinscher, and we are talking about the Schoosbundrassen breed (what translate as “pet dog”). Experts by the time described them as small dogs with physical and behavioral characteristics, pretty similar to the modern Affenpinscher.

Probably its pacific behavior and friendly personality get consolidated in that period. However, this friendly side still will keep the braveness of the old buzzard dog. Just as the writer Desmon Morris reported, he looked an Affenpinscher chasing a grizzly bear in Alaska.

By those times it was easy to distinguish between the miniature Schnauzer and the Affenpinscher ancients (this used to be harder due to the big amount of mixes between both breeds), what is manifested in some German reports, including letters made by international judges dating from 1720.

From there, was originated the European standard which dictates the Affenpinscher fur has to be always black, however in some other countries is applied the AKC standard, where allows colors like grey and red.

The Affenpinscher in America


In America, the Affenpinscher history was not as detailed as in Germany until the ’30s. Under this period were recognized the first pure-blood exemplars in the United States by the AKC, some enthusiastic caregivers started a couple raising programs, mostly for rich people which brought puppies from their trips around Europe.

Nevertheless, all those little raising programs stopped abruptly after the start of World War II. The warlike conflict made the communication between Europe and the rest of the world very difficult, and to make dogs importation (especially of German dogs) to improve the breed became into an extremely hard job.

All the reported dogs by the time in the USA died, and the breed stopped existing in the country until the 50s, when new importations were done, getting new litters that quickly reestablished the lost dog population. This breed wasn’t too famous in the following years, but a little Affenpinscher puppy that appeared in the cover of an important magazine in 1966 was the triggering of the popularity that the breed has nowadays. After that, tons of people showed interest in having these puppies, and the breed increased its number.

The follower exemplars showed excellent characteristics in the dog expositions, achieving even awards just like Best in the show and American champion. An example of it is Banana Joe, an Affenpinscher which allowed the title of Best in the show in the 137th Annual dog show of the Kennel Club at Westminster. This beautiful exemplar won over 2721 competitors after numerously testes and a long deliberating period.

Principal Characteristics

The Affenpinscher is a toy dog with a balanced look, very similar to terriers, with a rough fur, commonly black and a face lookalike a monkey, and in short words is a clean, furry, smart dog.

SIZE: It is a thick and firm dog. Its height is between 9 ½ inches and 11 ½ inches. The length of its body it’s similar to its height, which gives them a squared look. Its weight is between 6 and 8 pounds. In the case of females, their size and height maybe a little bit less.

HEAD: The head has a size proportional to its body; the same has the known expression of cocky monkey. The braincase is rounded or similar to a vault; nevertheless, it is not too thick.

EYES: Are very round, dark-colored but a lot of bright; are medium-sized in contrast with its head size, and does not protrude. Its eyebrows and lashes are black.

EARS: The ears can be as well as raised high or semi fell, and commonly are cut at some point. The standard is not too strict in the form, and it just demands both to be symmetric, which helps to the simian expression.

MUZZLE: It can not be too long or width and has to be proportional to the rest of its head. Furthermore, its length has to be similar to the distance between the eyes. The nose is blunt, black, and has to be balanced, without pointing up or down.

MOUTH: The lips are black and a small prominent at the bottom; the jaw has a little inferior prognathism. Still, a perfectly aligned bite is tolerable as long as it keeps the primate face. Moreover, the superior prognathism it’s not characteristic and would be penalized for evaluation in competitions.

A twisted mouth is considerate as an undesirable and severe defect. Likewise, it has to keep closed without the look of teeth or tongue. Bottom teeth have to be straight and aligned, and it can not be crooked.

NECK AND BODY: The neck must to be straight and not extremely large; the loin has to be strong with a well-balanced line, which usually keeps firm. On the other side, the chest is wider than the rest of its body, but it can not be unbalanced. The gluts area, by its part, barely has a curvature that is poorly perceived.

If the tail it’s been cut, it reaches sizes between 1 and 2 inches and has to keep upright high. Also, if the tail keeps natural, it shows curled up over the back while it stays in motion. The tail type is not something usually considered for the final decisions in competitions.

FRONT LIMBS: This has a moderated angulation, shoulders are a little reclined, and the bottom of the leg has a length proportional to the scapula. Front legs look straight from any angle, the elbows aren’t too away from the thorax, and its paws are small and rounded, with black pads and nail.

BACK LIMBS: Its angulation is similar to the front limbs, looking straight from the back and it keeps under the body to keep the squared look. Also, the knee keeps a little flection.

HAIR: Its fur is dense and rough and is not longer than 1 inch in the body and shoulders.

Although, the hair is shorter in the backside and tail, and in the neck, chest, abdomen, limbs, and part of the head, the fur is longer and soft.

The Affenpinscher usually has a dense mane, but how long the hair is on the head then that much the eyebrows and eyelashes have to highlight to make the monkey expression that the owners love. Additionally, the hair at the ears y short and limited, and about the brushing it has to be made right to guarantee the mix of all the hair lengths but keeping the hairy appearance at the same time.

COLOR: The fur color is predominantly black, but it is acceptable for it to be grey, platinum, or red. The black color is not necessarily uniform, so a couple of white or grey hairs can be found. Moreover, red hair tones can be variable between colors as browned red or lion-looked tones. Also is acceptable one single white pimple at the dog chest, but bigger pimples will be penalized. Except for that, judges don’t show particular preferences for any specific hair color.

MARCH: The Affenpinscher has a very ease of walking that is light and balanced, while shows big confidence and a serious aura that became funny at the same time. Legs move ones with the other parallelly, and a weak walk would be penalized.

Its behavior has to be quiet as long as the dog or its owner isn’t being threatened.

Behavior with other dogs

The Affenpinscher are small but also very territorial dogs, they have terrier blood, so they also have their hunter instincts consequently, and if they aren’t appropriately raised could have a little aggressive behavior with other pets, especially it these are small. However, if the owner is responsible would eventually make them friendly with the other creatures around them.

Affenpinscher’ behavior with other dogs

These dogs are look-alike to the Chihuahuas and toy Pinschers in some behavioral characteristics; one of them is their big dog in a small body attitude. The Affenpinscher would not care about being the smaller dog at the house either, they would demand respect from the rest of the family members and will feel as the leader.

This behavior has to be admonished since they are just puppies, or it would eventually make them have serious troubles having contact with other dogs. An untrained Affenpinscher may confront with other dogs of the same house in a fight for the supremacy. If the rest of the dogs are docile, maybe could be certain harmony, on the opposite, there could be fights at the place.

Some of the undesirable behaviors they could show with other dogs you will find the fights for toys, food, or even for its owner attention and care, and these can unchain constant barkings or reach aggressive conducts just as bites.

Nevertheless, the Affenpinschers can live in perfect harmony next to other dogs if they are trained for it since its doggie age. The best way to evade this kind of disputes is to make early socialization between the dogs, and this will possible by putting the puppies next to other dogs and this will make them get used to living with them, this way they won’t show insecure conducts in front of other dogs once they grow up.


Furthermore, it is necessary to establish a clear hierarchy which shows the owner as of the undeniable leader. The owner can not let the dog disobey him and he has to always be the one who gives the orders, and this will lend the possibility to easily mediate in any possible conflict.

Affenpinscher’ behavior with other pets

Commonly the coexistence rules between these dogs with other pets are the same as the rules with other dogs. The Affenpinscher puppies have to get used to living with other pets, and the owner has to be straight by teaching them which behaviors are acceptable and which are not.

A particular big problem could be the fact that if there are other small creatures at the house, like rabbits or guinea pigs, these small animals may awake their hunting impulses, so the best options are to keep them away from the dogs if it is possible. On the contrary, if the owner is ready to have these animals living next to his dog, then it would have to make a particular effort during the early coexistence, making them inseparable.

Of course, the Affenpinscher is a small dog, and commonly other bigger animals could hurt them. If we live in a rural environment, the Affenpinscher usually will get used to the cattle and would avoid making troubles, but it could be a victim of predators.

So if close to our residence is animals just as wolfs or big felines then we have to be careful by taking care of our little pet. Also, other dangerous creatures are the eagles, which may confuse or little dog with their usual prey (rodents as the rabbits).

Differences between male and female behavior

MALE: It is super energetic and likes to play with its owner but is an imposing dog at the same time, so it’s possible that the existence of another male disturbs him and also the appearance of more regular conflicts in comparison with females. We can either forget a very common and important problem: the habit of always mark territory.

Usually, when an Affenpinscher is next to another male, there could be fights. If the new dog is too docile or smaller then it may accept the Affenpinscher to be its leader, but on the contrary, if the new dog is bigger they may fight, and the Affenpinscher will be hurt.

Contrarily, if the new dog is a female, it is probably for the coexistence to be pacific, but the male behavior can be unstable while the female is on its period. Some symptoms that could announce it are whining, barking, and howls. Also, the male can try to ride the female, and if she doesn’t want it then she could become aggressive.

Usually, these problems can get solved with early socialization, besides, if we don’t want our male dog to be a stallion then we can opt for castration which would not just solve the most of our problems that could happen between our dogs, also will help to prevent some dangerous sickness.

FEMALE: Its behavior is usually calm, it doesn’t have as much as a necessity to show dominancy as the male; either will search to mark territory as frequent as the male does, and fights for the supremacy are not something to care about with her.

While the reproductive period, the females may get more aggressive, and could even attack other male dogs if they try to ride her. Once the pregnancy is over, and it will be caring for puppies, it would show an unstable behavior again.

The female emotional instability doesn’t usually take to several fights, and commonly is not something to specially care about; however, if the male dog is from a big breed is recommendable to keep it away from the female while she’s on her period.

Affenpinscher’ mixing with other breeds

Many owners want to take benefit of the Affenpinscher’s ideal characteristics and mix them with other breeds. Usually, to mix pure-blood dogs with others is not recommendable, because the descendant’s characteristics may not be convenient, and as a result, the puppies could not be considered as Affenpinschers.

Nevertheless, there are successful mixes between some small dog breeds that have given dogs with favorable characteristics. Even though, it’s recommendable for this mixes to be made by expert raiser.

The recognized mixes by the American Canin Hybrid Club (ACHC) are the Affenchon (Bichon Frize), the Affen-Griffon(Brussels Griffon), the Affenhuahua (Chihuahua), the Chin-Fenpinscher (Japanese Chin), and the Affenpoo (Poodle).

Affenpinscher food and diet

One of the most important topics about the care of any dog, especially of the small-sized or toys, is its feeding due to it depends on many factors associated with its health and beauty. In the case of the Affenpinscher, the right supplements ingest will guarantee it would not suffer from overweight and that its fur will be strong and bright.

By the other place, it’s important to set a disciplined routine in function to its appearance, because the Affenpinschers usually prefer to eat candies, and due to they are usually raised inside home sometimes use to acquire habits just as to eat from the trash or search for food under the owners’ table.

For this reason, it is recommendable to establish an area for the eat-time, and put a rug that protects the floor from water and dirty, also a clean and small mug for the water, and its food mug. The water has to be always available and accessible for them because, thanks to its nose size, they usually suffer from heart attacks, so this will let them get continually refresh.

Likewise, it needs to be kept on mind that the dogs, and especially the Affenpinscher, change its diets while they grown, which in general lines except if the veterinary gives another indication can be classified into three phases. The first is the initial phase that is placed when they are born and until their teeth are strong enough, what commonly happens when it reaches the first year; the adult phase use to be extensive, and the grown or old phase counts from they are 7 years olds.

In the initial phase, the ideal is for it to be fed with maternal milk because this will help to their bone structure formation. It will provide vitamins and will be a boost for its immunologic system. This process may last until their first teeth show up, so in those days the complementary milk or pap may get included in the diet.

Once the milking phase is over, the starving based in a special dry feed designed for them can finally start. This dry feed needs to be specially made for little or toy puppies, because are smooth and provide calcium; this can be administrated three times a day.

The second phase is the adult dog, and in this phase, the B12 Vitamin has to be something to considerer due to this will help to the hair shedding that is frequently abundant. Also, there has to be careful about portions and how many times the Affenpinscher eats to avoid the possibility for it to gain weight because this condition can seriously affect them for their small size and could unchain other sicknesses.

In this sense, you can choose between doing starving types, homeland or industrialized, due to this is elaborated considering their supplements and vitamins requirements and the changes that have to be made in function of its age.

Besides that, it has all the components homogeny distributed in every portion what ensures they ingest all the needed in their diet.

Following this, you can check your favorite dog food brand has certain acceptation grade in the canine world or to research the fabricant indications about the composition of it, so you have to ensure it is not made mostly by cereals due to this disturb the Affenpinscher’ digestive system.

Likewise, make sure it provides at least 25 percent or more in proteins, these have to come from vegetables and animals, these being such as meat, liver, fish, and some dairy products. Furthermore, it has to provide A, D and B vitamins, and if it doesn’t, then contact your veterinary, and ask if there are possibilities to supply it additionally.

Some of the elements to considerer in their feed routine there it is also the teeth brushing and the use of mouthwash because due to its teeth form this breed get to suffer from tartar and bad breath, so it is necessary to make a right mouth cleaning at least three times a week.

Last but not least, is important to remember that gives them dog candies, which came in different types, has to been controlled but not removed; firstly, because taste a different flavor and texture makes the puppy happy, and secondly because it can be used as a positive reinforcement for the training.

Necessary cares

Commonly the Affenpinscher is a very healthy dog that doesn’t need too much space to live, but they still need some caring that even when aren’t specialized, are necessaries due to the dog characteristics and especially its fur.

That’s why when we talk about this breed cares or any other, this has to be classified depending on how many times it has to been made searching for dog protection and trying to keep its health. So we can’t set them in care that has to been made frequently and cares that are made sporadically.

Affenpinscher’ frequently cares

The Affenpinscher has a particular hair, which is long, rough, hard, and tends to look like a wire; the knots are normal in its hair and have a lot of it in its head and face.

In this sense, it is important to be dedicated to their fur maintenance and to make it is recommendable to brush its hair at least twice a week, so you can check the existence of knots and help them with the hair shedding what tends to be abundant.

While you are doing this, you must choose the right hairbrush, to avoid damage its skin. You need to use one which bristles are thick and spaced, procuring to use it from the neck to the tail and from the back to the stomach.

And while you are brushing its hair, you can also search knots with your hand and try to remove them manually; if you can’t, then you will have to cut them. If you try to do it with a hairbrush, you could damage the Affenpinscher’s skin.

Also, you can take advantage of the situation and check the dog doesn’t have any fleas or ticks, due to those could generate several health damages.

Affenpinscher’ sporadically cares

It is important to remember that dogs and humans are very different in this aspect, so you have to avoid incorporating in their lives regularly practices just like the bath time, because far from being a benefit it may generate damage in its health and its skin.

When you check the Affenpinscher’s skin, you may see this have a kind of oil or grease, and it has to be conserved as long as possible, due to it is naturally designed to avoid fungus propagation, dandruff, or irritations.

This is why the frequency of the bath time needs to be defined by the dirty or the odor your pet has. It is recommendable to make in an interval from five to six weeks, this depends on the dog lifestyle.

Likewise, you need to remember that using dog shampoo is primordial; you can find it in any pet store and even are specialized products of this breed. Never choose a man or women shampoo, or even kids shampoo, because those have another type of component that affects the Affenpinscher’s skin and health by disturbing its smell.

Once the bath time is over, your Affenpinscher will dry by shaking its body, but this is not enough due to it can get sick of cold, so you must dry it with a dry towel and then use a hairdryer in medium temperature, and you may add a few more temperatures depending of the environment temperature.

This particular kind of breed, being so dynamic and playful, tends to be a little bit difficult to have a quiet bath time, and it is probable for you to end all wet, so if you don’t want this to happen we recommend to you to take your pet to a dog groomer where there will take care of its clean.

Nevertheless, both, brushing and bath time, will let the pet to build emotional ties between those who make part of the process, keeping a good owner-pet relationship, so it is recommendable for the owner to assume it once in a while.

Another factor to keep in mind is the hair cut which is better not to be made at home because it requires special attention in some areas as the eyes and has to be made with scissors so you will have to take it to a specialist for this to make the right maintenance for it at least twice a year.

It has to be considered as well its eyes care by using the veterinary recommended drops due to those gets usually irritated by the hair in the face, being important to also take care of its teeth and ears.

Affenpinscher’ health

This breed exemplars use to show good health even when sometimes have been showed to suffer from kneecap dislocation, hip dysplasia, seen silkiness as cataract, glaucoma, or cornea ulcers, heart association sickness and other dental issues.

It is always recommendable to know the pet’s parents’ medical health record because many of those sufferings are congenic. This way, we can prevent the appearance of the mentioned silkiness with good feeding and caring.

Affenpinscher behavior with humans

Dogs, in general, are ready to coexist with humans more than cordially because they have been rising to have us around and making activities that help with our evolution.

Since a very long time dogs had to learn to eat with us, to let us know when they have any need and also to recognize when we have it, being the language they have always made about our body language their best weapon.

Every facial expression, every change in our behavior, or even the changes in our emotions are something that our dog immediately caught. As more time it spends in our home, as much it will get dedicated to knowing all the details about our personality.

Dogs have are not able to understand our language. For dogs it is the same if you tell them you love them in a punishing tone or if you punish them; they will just judge our voice and body expressions, and not the words.

In this sense, multiple studies have been made to prove the dog’s retention level, and the way they read our body language is impressive. The studies revealed how the “smart” dog breeds were capable to recognize a maximum of 200 words (after training, at least, of three repetitions).

This is why based in its history with humans and how it has been proved an unfailing disposition to collaborate with the fulfillment of our activities and also tending to prefer to see a good mood in his owners, they have won the men’s best friend title, and it’s not for less.

So, why we could find some dog exemplars that act aggressive and intolerants to the human or animal presence? Well, this depends on the education the pet had, and also it is based on the breed’s records. Remember, some dog breeds have been raised pure-blood, and some others have been mixed, trying to get specific abilities which are based on the dogs to be strong and not too much to them being empathy.

Nevertheless, nowadays, some breeds are not uncontrollable and may be very sweet as a company, and as excellent protectors.

Talking about the Affenpinscher, it is a little bit different. This breed has gowned up collaborating with humans in the clean of them harvests, hunting rodents, and guarding the place against not desired animals intrusion or even from not desired humans, so it has felt for many years as the human family protector and keeps doing it.

Because of this, the dogs training it’s firstly based in making them abilities strongest and make its personality good enough to control their aggressiveness or anger against other humans, so they will naturally starting to be loving and sociable with its family and visitors.

One of the most valuable Affenpinscher aspects is its disposition to play, especially whit its owner or its human family. Its energetic character will make it try to invite you to share as much time as possible with him and will be grateful if it has it.

This breed, just as others of the kind, has difficultness to deal with loneliness. Its predilection for humans is that much that it doesn’t like to be alone for a long time, even when it shows a trend to be a night vigilant to take care of his beloved. For this dog, to know it is alone will affect him considerably.

This is why sometimes they will show more altered than the regular, and when anxiety gets too high it can to manifest it physically by showing more salivation, barking increase, destructive behavior and even diarrhea, so it is recommendable to take it to a veterinary to evaluate if there is any ailment, which could occasion  those effects. In case of not find any sickness, you must considerer the possibility for your dog to be asking desperately for your company.

Also, let your dog feel productive. For centuries this breed collaborated in jobs with humans, so its instinct will ask it to continue on it. In this sense, you must considerer the possibility to let it smell inside the house in the search for crawling animals or to take its disposition to take care of its loved ones.

It is important to highlight that the key for any Affenpinscher exemplar to have an acceptable behavior with humans it’s their right socialization since early years, though they have a predisposing to be nice and loving with their owners, but if it is victim of abuses, violence or physical or psychological abuses, the result will be having a very aggressive and uncontrollable pet.

The Affenpinscher is a dog breed a little bit stubborn and usually wants to dominate if the owner doesn’t show a firm leader character. Besides that, it is the perfect home company because it only needs food, basic caring, and daily walks with the addition of love and respect by his side, what gives excellent results along its lifetime.

Affenpinscher’ ideal environment

It is important to keep in mind the activity level of this little animal to define how would be its environment due to think about it as an exclusive company pet is a mistake, also it is to pretend for it to get adapt to an interior lifestyle or with extremely comfortable, because this could cause stress and even affect its health.

Also, you have to remember that for many centuries this little dog unfolds in important activities being with this a perfect pal in the daily jobs. Many of them were hunters, hunting lifters, guards, shippers, firedogs, police workers, swimmers, and even actors or dog beauty models, which show their innate need to keep active.

Following this, it is valuable to consider the Affenpinscher’ historical evolution, because depending on it we may predict some behaviors or breeds requirements that will define some conditions as well as in their treatment as in the space they live.

Some indispensable conditions are necessaries in dog’s environment that contribute in any breed health and growth, which variants firstly in the function of its size what gives in some cases the possibility to define the type of home their owners have to have before to adopt them.

About the Affenpinscher’s little size, it makes it appropriate to live in any kind of place, big or small, due to it does not need a lot of space to its development. Its energy and determination will let it fill and dominate any area without caring about how big this may be so you can considerer to adopt it independently if you live in an apartment or a cottage.

The kind of space dogs generally have in homes depends majorly on the way their owners want to incorporate their pets into the family. This is why some owners like to give them a place inside the house, and others prefer to give them a place at the yard; in the case of the yard, is important to keep in mind that the health conditions and comfort are very important to considerer when you make this decision.

If you want your Affenpinscher to feel appreciated as a family member, or if you just don’t own a yard to adequate for it, then you may opt for choosing a place inside the house. This place is recommendable to be low traffic to avoid accidents. Remember that you could step on the pet unconsciously in the dark, or the dog could make you fall, so it is important for you to choose a corner with good visibility, and that would be enough for your pet.

To calm down their anxiety due to its big amount of energy you can add to the dog place some doggie toys that would help it to canalize its energy and would calm the teeth discomfort when it is a puppy and also has to have a basket with a blanket or a mattress.

Avert to these elements to be perfumed because this dogs smell is to developed and may generate unnecessary discomforts.

Likewise, you must choose another place for them to eat time, and it is recommendable to put an absorbent and anti-slip blanket; this will help you with the clean of the space. You will have to put an accessible mug for its size and a big plate where you will put the supplies based on the diet and hours that you want.

And if you opt for better have them living outside the house, the yard, or back yard, you must check that the space you choose for it is clean and that it would not flood or moisten and you could build a little house or buy one specially designed for them. Some people usually tied it up to avoid them to get escape running, but the reality is that this is not appropriate for this particular breed because this cut their necessity to track down and hunt.

The lonely or tied up animals raising at exterior places has to be more controlled and careful of what you may think, and even when it is not certainly the most recommended option it would help you out to keep the house out of dirty and for it to have the own smells for having a pet. Furthermore, this could generate health damages in its self-esteem, and also severally modify its behavior pattern, which naturally tends to be loving and sociable, and could turn the pet aggressive or bitter.

Of course, these factors may be variable depending on the lifestyle the family wants to use for the pet learning and raising. There isn’t any specific parameter for this, and the important thing is to keep on mind the clean and health care as well as of your pet as your family and avoid to them to get used since their young age to conditions that you know later will change, for example if you are single and let it sleep in your bed, when you get decided to have a couple the fact of put it down to sleep in another place may get them perturbed.