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Cockapoo: Your new pet

The Cockapoo, or Cockerpoo, is a dog of tender temperament, product of the cross between a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle, hence its name. It has been very popular in the United States for approximately 30 years.

They are clever and intelligent dogs that can either resemble a Poodle as they can resemble a Cocker Spaniel; it all depends on the predominant breed in their genetics.

This little one is one of the most common in the world for its behavior and how easy they take to living in a house or apartment, which helps them develop a very close relationship between them and people.

The Cockapoos are also ideal to perform several kinds of jobs, from being in the field helping to take care of the harvest and the herds, but also in the city helping to detect drugs and as aide-dogs for the blind.

They have become the favorite to accompany the family everywhere, and also to help with daily chores.

This small dog must be educated from an early age to determine which breed of dog it resembles more, to know more specifically how its training should be so the owners can avoid surprises later on.

The Cockapoo is a small dog a little different from those breeds similar to him as far as his temperament is concerned since it varies depending on the race of his ancestors to which he resembles most.

The Cockapoo is, as previously mentioned, a mixture of two breeds that are the Cocker Spaniel and the Poodle. Its origin goes back approximately to 30 years ago.

Creating a breed of a small dog that does not have a specific characteristic, but varies according to its ancestors, it can manifest the characteristics of any of the breeds with which it was crossed.

What they wanted originally was for this dog to be a great companion and helper in the work field, as well as being tender, affectionate and kind.

But, with time, they realized that determining a specific temperament or aspect in this animal was almost impossible since one can be very passive, kind and tender, while another can be very stubborn, nervous and impatient. That is where it was determined that this breed is very intelligent, but still difficult to intuit.

It has also been formally recognized in the United States, but in other countries not yet; although this does not really matter for the lovers of small Cockapoo dogs.


Among the defined characteristics of the Cockapoo is its size. It is quite small, its measurements going from 35 to 40cm, both female and male. Their weight goes from 4 to 7kg, also both genders.

Its face is quite hairy and medium-sized, with medium and bright eyes that reflect intelligence.

The body is well proportioned to the size and weight, and the ears hang on the sides of the head.

It should be noted that their life expectancy is 15 years, although it will depend on the care, feeding, and maintenance of its owners.

Its fur is fully curly and its length is not very long. They can be of varied colors within the earth color palette, that is, white, cream, beige, brown or gold.

The Cockapoo have a very delicate fur, therefore, they have to be trimmed every 4 to 6 six weeks so that the hair doesn’t get knotted.

In addition, they have to be bathed constantly and taken to the veterinarian every so often for deep ears, teeth, eyes and hair cleaning, to remove all dirt and everything that does not benefit the beauty of this small dog.

The Cockapoo also require a very varied diet depending on the predominance of their ancestor race, since the Cocker Spaniel have more of an appetite than the Poodle, who is more delicate with what they eat. If they are accustomed to a type of food, it is better not to change it, so they don’t get any digestive diseases.

The temperament of the Cockapoo is quite mixed. A dog’s temper can be completely different from the others’: some may become very friendly with other animals or dogs while others may become quite the opposite, some may be too patient with children and adults while others may be very hateful towards them.

The exercise these types of dogs require will depend on the predominant ancestor breed, that is. If it’s more of a Cocker Spaniel, it’s likely that it will have a calmer nature, while if it’s more of Poodle it will surely be more restless.

Another characteristic of its temperament is that if they do not get enough daily exercise, they can become quite problematic since they will behave quite naughtily to discharge all that extra energy.

They should be trained and educated since they are puppies; they are very intelligent and tend to learn faster when they are little, although you should consider making the training fun because monotonous training will bore them very quickly.

A Cockerpoo can be an excellent care dog, and also guard and therapy dog, and for any other task that it is trained for as a puppy.

But in the end, despite their different personalities, they do not stop causing impressing families, and families do not stop choosing them.

History and origin of the Cockapoos

This breed of dogs is very similar to the Cavapoo and the Cavoodle, due to its small but beautiful appearance.

There are several versions about its origin since there are no records of when this breed really began to exist.

However, there is a story that is the most accurate one regarding the origins of this beautiful breed. It is believed that the Cockapoo is a mixture of two different breeds: The Cocker Spaniel, an athletic, strong and very balanced dog whose purpose is to accompany the family, although their temperament usually varies according to the pigmentation of their fur, and the Poodle, a small dog in size but very cheerful, fun, active and intelligent.

The origin of this breed goes back to approximately 30 years ago, when some people had the initiative to create a small dogs’ breed that really does not have a specific characteristic different from their size, instead, their characteristics vary depending on their ancestors. This means that its characteristics will depend on the cross it comes from.

What the creators of the Cockapoo wanted was a dog that would be useful in different tasks, and who would also be a great, faithful and tender companion, that was also very kind and affectionate to its owners, a fact that they achieved with the mixture of the two races mentioned previously.

However, they realized, with the passage of time and great observation of the dog, that it is very difficult and almost impossible to determine a temperament, a character and even a specific aspect for this animal, because some can become very aggressive, impatient and stubborn, while others may become very kind, tender and passive.

Keep in mind that they need to be very well trained since they are puppies to ensure, to some extent, its correct education. However, during its growth, training cannot stop because in adolescence the mood swings happen more often.

This dog enjoys being able to be used in different tasks due to its great intelligence. Despite being difficult to intuit most of the time, among its utilities, it is found to be an excellent guard, care, therapy, guide or exercise dog for any task for which they are trained.

The origin of the Cockapoo affects directly in its temperament. If, for example, the dog looks like the Poodle, it is most likely that it will be very restless and uncontrolled, but if it resembles the dog Cocker Spaniel it will be much calmer and patient. It must also be said that their history and ancestors reflect on the abilities that these dogs have, even walks and exercises, which, they should have daily because if they don’t they can become quite problematic trying to discharge their energy.

An old myth tells the story of a Cockapoo dog that, when he remained locked up by his master in his small house for many hours, he began looking for things to do, destroying the furniture and chairs in the house. Later, when the owner arrived and discovered his house upside down he quickly hired a dog trainer to give him a good lesson. While that happened, they realized the way in which the little dog discharged his energy and ended up growing very tired and being much quieter during the rest of the day.

From then on they realized just how much Cockapoos need their daily workout, even more so if their predominant ancestor is the Poodle dog.

Since they are born, these dogs are very smart and able to understand and learn quickly. Try varying the training and making it fun every day so they do not get bored so easily.

This dog was formally recognized in the United States only a few years ago, but there are other countries in which they have yet to be officially recognized as a breed, although this does not stop families from choosing it, nor stop loving Cockapoo dogs.

Despite having a fairly short history, there are no known records much older or from past centuries where some kind of Cockapoo dogs may have appeared or existed, or where their character or temperament was deeply known. As it is considered a practically new breed, they do not think of it to have a very strong historical force to make these dogs an official breed in other countries. However, its legalization as an independent breed in other countries other than the United States is still in process.

Description and characteristics

The Cockapoo is a very different and unique dog in size, appearance, weight and even in temper since this varies according to the predominant breed of its ancestors. In spite of this, this is a dog that has become very popular among many families. Keep in mind that with a good early training you can get it to control its character according to its predominant.


What the creators of this breed longed for was a dog that was a great helper and companion at work, as well as being kind, affectionate and tender. However, over time, they realized that a specific temperament or aspect cannot be determined in this breed, since some can be very passive, kind and sweet, like the Cocker Spaniel, while others can be very stubborn, aggressive and impatient, like the Poodle.

Cockapoo dogs are very small animals and are usually characterized by the appearance of not aging. In fact, this dog has very particular measures, the females and males having almost equal measures, between 35 cm and 40 cm, with a weight that ranges between 4 kg and 7 kg for both genders. This will depend on the dominant breed in their predecessors and the food they eat. Its body is well proportioned in size and weight.

Its face is wide, medium-sized and very hairy. This makes them look even more adorable and tender, which makes all kinds of people fall in love even with them. The eyes are bright-colored, approaching black; they are round and medium-sized, centered on the face and reflecting great intelligence. The ears hang on both sides of the head and are also slightly rounded at the tip. Its snout is wide and small with a black nose and in the form of a small triangle, in the same way as it happens with Cavapoo and Cavoodle.

Take into consideration that the life expectancy of Cockapoos is 15 years, although this will also depend on the care, feeding, and maintenance of their owners. The fur is curly, although it is not very long, with colors that vary quite a bit within the earth color palette, meaning, white, cream, beige, brown or gold.

The Cockapoos have a very delicate fur that needs to be trimmed every 4 to 6 six weeks so that it doesn’t get knotted. In addition, they need to be bathed constantly taken regularly to the vet so they can get a deep cleaning in ears, teeth, eyes, and hair, removing all dirt and everything that does not benefit the beauty of the dog.

Another characteristic of the Cockapoo is that they also require a very varied diet, which depends on the predominance of their ancestors’ breed. The Cocker Spaniel usually tend to eat more than the Poodle, who is more delicate with what they eat. If they are accustomed to a type of food, it is better not to change it, so they don’t get any digestive diseases.

It is necessary to mention among the characteristics that the temperament of the Cockapoo can be problematic if they don’t get enough daily exercise since they will make many pranks to get rid of all that pent up energy. All the learning and education that this small dog receives should be done since it’s a puppy because they are intelligent, bright and fast. They are highly capable of learning as long as it is in a fun way because monotonous training will bore them very fast.

In addition to everything mentioned above, a Cockapoo has the characteristic of being an excellent caregiver, guard, or therapy dogs or anything else for which it is trained as it grows. But in the end, despite the different personalities, they are still a family favorite.

This breed is a mix between a Cocker Spaniel dog and a Poodle, hence its name. It’s one of the reasons why it has been so popular for approximately 30 years, since its origins, in the United States.

It doesn’t matter if you have a puppy or an adult Cockapoo, this breed of dog continues to be a hit among dog lovers and families.

General health and care of Cockapoos

The Cockapoo requires care that is almost demanding, mostly for its beautiful fur. They are usually in good health, although certain considerations must be met to maintain it that way, such as a good grooming and certain aspects to take into account in terms of its environment.

But only physical care does not suffice when it comes to a dog as sensitive and affectionate as the Cockapoo is. This breed needs pampering and constant attention, so much so that you can be in your room, eating or working on a project, and you will see how your dog approaches you, wanting to get on your legs so that you can make pet it behind the ears. Undoubtedly, for people who love animals, this is an act of dependence that will be answered with affection and attention, but not so much so that they don’t become «spoiled.»

Physical care of Cockapoos

Since it is born, the Cockapoo is tended to by his mother, but she cannot provide more than breast milk, which will only protect the puppy from the viruses that are in the environment for a limited amount of time, so we must take care of the rest to ensure its survival. For this, we must take the puppy to the veterinarian once he is at least about two weeks old. The vet will determine its health status and let us know if it can already be vaccinated against the viruses that attack the puppies.

Once it is vaccinated, the vet will also recommend deworming them, which we will have to do for ourselves, as it is very easy to administer the de-wormer at home.

Already dewormed and vaccinated, you should keep in mind that dogs should be taken to the veterinarian at least once every six months so that a professional can check it and determine early any symptoms of any disease, so it can be attacked before it develops completely.

Psychological care of Cockapoos

The Cockapoo is very sensitive to the care it receives. It is loving, faithful and protective when it has to be. It can defend his master from a bigger dog simply because it doesn’t want anything bad to happen to him. Therefore, he expects daily attention from his master, since his master is the most important thing to it.

Think that playing or practicing a sport with your Cockapoo might mean just a simple moment of your day, however, for your dog, that moment was the best of its day, and it will remember it and miss it the day that you do not pay it attention.

Therefore, we recommend that you give your dog at least two hours of your day so that it does not feel alone, so it can feel very loved and as a part of the family.

We do not recommend to tie any breed, but especially it is not advisable to tie and isolate a Cockapoo since it will become nervous and will be depressed during the day.

A good way to spend some time with your dog is to go for a walk with it, either short or long, having it fetch the ball or just sit and watch TV with it on your lap.

If you are not the type of person who can give your pet attention on a daily basis, then we do not recommend the adoption of a Cockapoo since it is not a very independent dog; it prefers being at the feet of its master all day.


It is recommended to brush its fur every four days to remove all the small branches, dirt and small natural residues that may have gotten stuck to its fur during its day-to-day life. This is a must-do, in order to avoid skin allergies, ticks and fleas, and tangles that will make the fur dull and fragile.


The Cockapoo is not a dog that requires too many baths, a bath every month and a half should do. Although, if you live indoors, this period can be extended to two months without a bath. To avoid bad smells, you can use dog perfume.

Diet and feeding

This is a dog that doesn’t eat much, so you won’t have to buy too much food. As for the food that he likes, there are gourmet-flavored croquettes, such as croquettes that taste like lamb, chicken or beef.

The Cockapoo will also be pleased with any food of fresher origin, such as chicken, meat, fish or eggs, they love it; but you must be careful with chicken bones that are too thin, since they can splinter when they are being chewed and can cause breakage in the intestine, which could gravely endanger your pet.

At an early age, we recommend that you feed it croquettes since it can be difficult to prepare it meals up to four times a day, which is the frequency with which the feeding of a Cockapoo puppy is recommended. On the good side, the croquettes already have every component that the puppy needs to grow strong and healthy.

Eventually, it will come a time when your dog will not feel comfortable eating the same as always and you will have to try with fresh food. We recommend using meat and vegetables in abundance with some carbohydrates on the side, such as rice or dough.

When trying with fresh food you should be careful, since there are many ingredients that are toxic to dogs, such as raisins, onions and almost all nuts, which, although they are very tasty to humans, can cause poison your dog, compromising its life if it is not treated quickly.

To prevent that, you must first investigate what foods dogs can eat and whatnot. Besides learning something new about your new little friend, you will have knowledge that you can apply with other pets and teach to other dog owners.

For now, we revealed that the Cockapoo will be particularly gluttonous if you show him a plate with beef, fish, eggs, lamb, turkey, chicken and some vegetables, such as carrots, broccoli, squash, cabbage, tomatoes, and some fruits like banana and papaya.

You should keep in mind that sudden changes in the type of food can make your dog sick to its stomach, so you should gradually alternate fresh food and croquettes so that they get curious about the new food and they get a chance to get used to it little by little. Either way, if you want it to eat croquettes again, if, for example, it is getting tired of traditional food, you should gradually add croquettes to its plate so that it does not have such a strong impact.

Tips for a good diet

Keep it balanced: When you give your Cockapoo homemade food, try to add more protein than anything else, since it needs it to stay active and in good health. Add to these, in smaller proportions, vegetables, and rice, among other carbohydrates.

Proteins are obtained mainly from meats, while vitamins and minerals in vegetables. Carbohydrates will help your dog to be fulfilled, and they will also contribute highly to its growing.

Give him all the water he wants to drink: The Cockapoo should always have clean and fresh water at his disposal. You can change it every two days, the important thing is that it is always fresh and crystalline.

Hairy dogs drink about 60 ml of water for every kilo of weight, so a 12 kg dog (as the Cockapoos can weigh) can drink 750 ml of water daily, which you must provide so they can stay hydrated and fresh.

Do not forget to feed your Cockapoo at least once a day with a generous portion of food, or, as we recommend, twice a day with what is described in the croquettes package. Feeding it more than twice will make it fat, feeding it once could cause him malnutrition if he is an active dog, so, twice a day should do just fine. Don’t forget!

Do not give puppy food to an adult dog: You may notice that puppy food has many more proteins and minerals in its composition, this is so that the puppy grows healthy and strong, but, if you give this food to an adult dog it will gain weight very quickly, so it is recommended only if the dog is malnourished. Once it is on its ideal weight, you must withdraw the puppy food immediately.

Behavior around other dogs

The Cockapoo is a very friendly dog ​​around other breeds, which is because, over time, it has shared its space with other dogs. However, it is very advisable to train it since it is a puppy so that it does not develop any type of aggressiveness towards other dogs, since, due to its size and body, it can end up losing a confrontation with a more robust dog.

The Cockapoo, like its close relative, the Poodle, is a dog that can take good care of its home. Although it does not run to ram the person he is wary of or is entering the home without authorization, it may well issue loud and insistent barking until the person leaves or the owner comes to see what is going on.

This same behavior can be evidenced when a strange dog approaches the home, so it is not strange to hear it bark insistently at night. However, it would be convenient to take a look to see what is happening, that if the fence does not allow other dogs to see through it, or if it has been barking for a long time.

At first, he will be distrustful around other dogs, but, after spending some time together and smelling each other, they will begin to play, since they are not dominant dogs. The Cockapoos adapt very quickly to other pets; and, although they may feel invaded the moment that a new animal enters the house, not too long after they will begin to play and they’ll get together as good friends.

Even if the Cockapoo has a good ability to adapt to new pets, it is advisable that all first interaction with other dogs be monitored to prevent them from fighting. If the Cockapoo or the other dog is aggressive with the other, it is convenient to separate them and wait for them to get used to the presence of the other. After a while, you can put them back together and wait to see how they relate, although they should get together nicely since the Cockapoo is a calm and friendly dog.

The Cockapoo is a calm dog, so it is convenient to look for playmates who are like it.

When introducing a new dog home, being already a Cockapoo in it, you should be very aware that the Cockapoo loves you, which is why it will feel jealous if, from the first moment the new dog comes home, you pay more attention to it than the Cockapoo, thus developing envy and possible aggressive behaviors or rejection.

The convenient thing is that, as soon as the new pet comes home, you go on treating the Cockapoo as always. Treat it with affection and pay attention to it while the other dog is engaged in exploring the terrain and establishing its new favorite spot.

When the Cockapoo notices that your behavior did not change, then it will not see the new pet as a potential threat, focusing rather on understanding and relating to it in a friendly manner, although, during the first moments, it may be a little nervous and expectant.

This breed can be aggressive towards other pets, such as cats, for example, if it has not grown with them, although there are cases in which Cockapoos get used to kitties very well, since they need to take care of them and protect them from other species that, due to being newborns, could harm them. This would also be good for the other animal, as it would grow up seeing the Cockapoo as a protector instead of a threat.

In short, a Cockapoo is an extremely sociable dog with few behavioral problems, which, if they existed, are very easy to handle, just by showing him that you are the leader, and not him, and getting it to socialize with other dogs, animals, and people, to show him that he has nothing to fear from others.

It is a dog that can grow nervous if the interaction during the first months of life with strangers is bad, like if, for example, it is constantly scared by a family member, is subjected to loud noises or its environment does not offer it the peace of mind that it should always have, so, it is recommended to monitor their growth and offer it a good life quality: quiet, loving and friendly, especially during their first months of life.

Behavior around humans

The Cockapoo is an extremely familiar dog, thanks to the genes of two dogs that do excellently as pet dogs, such as the Poodle and the Cocker. Therefore, you can expect a great canine friend at home, who will always look after you and will not give you any problem.

Now, like all dogs, the Cockapoo must have adequate training since it is a puppy to avoid dominant behaviors, because, due to its tender appearance and its sweet nature, it is easy to pamper it too much, which would trigger dominant behaviors, such as attacking if someone approaches him while eating, or aggressiveness, like if he is disturbed when he sleeps or is asked to move from where he is.

Of course, the Cockapoo is not a dog that has a very aggressive or dominant behavior frequently. This behavior usually occurs in cases where its owner pampers it too much, to the point where it feels that its personal space is being invaded. To prevent this, you should avoid pampering it a lot; remember that it is a living being and not a stuffed animal.

Because of its appearance, it is one of the most popular mixed breeds that exist, but, considering that it is a dog that is extremely faithful, friendly, and loving, that also gets along very well with children, you will surely fall in love with him and want to have several Cockapoo dogs running in your house.

The Cockapoos tolerate training very well because they are submissive, so they can be trained quickly. In exchange for a treat, you will have its full attention, easily understanding the commands thanks to its high degree of intelligence.

Cockapoos are dogs that demand a lot of affection and attention during the day. They are not very independent dogs, so you will always have to take away moments of your day to interact with it; you can either play or take a walk. Even by just saying a few words of affection and a caress, believe us that it will understand you and feel satisfied.

In their behavior, it is remarkable the lack of attention they can sometimes have towards an activity that they are practicing, which is due to the high degree of energy and hyperactivity of this breed. You may be training him, but if it looks at a cat or a squirrel near him, it will most likely go out after it and run around.


The Cockapoo is an excellent vermin hunter because it comes from a lineage of vermin hunter dogs, as are the Poodle and Cocker. Thanks to this wonderful ability they were adopted in homes. In exchange of getting rid of vermin like rats, humans offered them food and lodging and, eventually, lots of love, to the point of being considered a member of the family.

This dog, in addition to chasing vermin, has evolved thanks to its coexistence with the man and now also it is able to warn about any intruder in the vicinity of the home, so it is a dog that does not get along with strangers, with whom it prefers to keep its distance and remain suspicious of them.

The personality of the Cockapoo is tender, friendly and loyal. They are dogs that you will normally see playing with children or other pets, but, if there are not any children or other pets, they will always ask you to pay them attention and give them affection. It is usual that, while you are in your bed or using your computer, you will see how the dog keeps throwing you glances, wishing it could get on your lap to be caressed.

The Cockapoo should not be as spoiled as he demands, since it could start feeling like the leader, and, if it does not get the attention it desires, it will throw a fit, barking and howling until its master or a family member comes to see what it wants, which is usually attention.

How to train or educate a Cockapoo?

Training a Cockapoo is actually a simple task. This breed has great intelligence and the instinct of a follower dog, so it will be easy to convince it to obey the orders you give.

Now, in exchange for its total attention and patience, the dog will ask in return for its owner to be very attentive towards it, the only form of “payment” it asks for, in return to his guard dog service, family pet and attention during training.

While training, the environment must meet specific requirements to prevent it from becoming frustrated. For example, the environment must be quiet and with few opportunities for any other animal, person or loud noises to interrupt the session. It is not convenient to train a Cockapoo near someone vacuuming, hammering, cutting wood, etc.

The Cockapoo, due to its role as a watchdog, will most likely go after any animal that it sees in its territory, like any person who knocks on the door, so it is convenient to carry out the training when you know no one will disturb you.

This breed responds even better to training if an incentive is offered, such as tasty homemade dog treats. The training that is carried out by offering these is the most positive one, it will be a win-win for both the dog and the master since the dog will eat a treat every time it does something right while the master will receive total obedience.

A good idea of ​​candy for dogs are breaded meatballs, which will be considered exquisite by your Cockapoo, so it will be willing to do whatever it takes to get it. To create this sandwich, simply make beef balls and add a layer of flour to them, then fry them with little oil to get some delicious and fragrant meatballs.

To train a Cockapoo positively you just have to move away with it to a quiet place and get it to smell the sandwich. Obviously, it will become interested right away, then, you can start with the training routine.

To train it correctly you will have to start with the most basic orders and then move on to the most advanced ones. First, you will have to teach it to sit, lie down, stay in one place or follow its owner (although it is something that the Cockapoo does without ordering it), then, teach it more complex orders such as standing still, barking, jumping or spinning on the floor.

Early cockapoo training

As we have already mentioned, the cockapoo is a very active, friendly and loyal dog, but if you cannot train it correctly during its puppy stage then several behavior problems can arise, which can be:


Aggression may appear as a part of dominance. A dominant dog will always want to have the last word, as it is considered the strongest link in the pack. To prevent your Cockapoo from becoming aggressive, show yourself calmly before him. If it is aggressive, don’t be afraid or give it what it asks for, just ignore it until it calms down. Aggression can be avoided if, since it is a puppy, you show this behavior and get it to socialize it with other pets and strangers.


Nervousness is typical in this breed if it suffered any trauma while it was still a puppy, for example, constantly being scared of loud noises, being scared by unscrupulous people or being attacked by other animals. To cure the nervousness, you will have to keep it in quiet areas, inside the house, if possible, where it feels safe. Also, you might have to talk with family members so that they do not play heavy pranks on the dog so it gets scared, which is not beneficial for its health.


Dominance towards its owner is not very frequent in this breed, but, just in case, to avoid it, you will have to start training it from a very early age, teaching it that you eat first, you are its supplier, and things are done as you say. For example, if you see it lying in your chair, get it to move, do not feed it before yourself and do not let it in the house if it makes a scandal, wait for it to calm down so that it can enter.

Ideal Cockapoo environment

The perfect environment for the Cockapoo is inside the house, not only because of the attention that its owner can provide but also because it can get very dirty outdoors and get its fur full of all types of stuff that can get it knotted. In some cases, the fur gets so badly tangled that the only solution to get rid of all that mess is to shave off the majority of its fur, leaving it almost “bald”.

What does a Cockapoo need in its environment?

The cockapoo is not a dog that is too demanding with its surroundings. It will go to sleep anywhere that is not too close to the most frequented room in the house, but not too far away to lose sight of family members, since it loves to watch over them.

Besides, you can gift him a comfortable mattress for dogs, which may not be used at first, since it’d rather lie on the floor, which is what they are used to, however, you can teach it how comfortable this surface is and you will see how it decides to start using it from that moment on.

In its environment, the dog obviously needs a cup with fresh water and another for the food, which must be his and his only. If there are other pets at home, they will need their own cups for water and food, since sharing food and water can awaken the dominance of the Cockapoo or the other pet, causing a fight over food.

A Cockapoo, like any other dog, needs toys, especially during its puppy stage. The Cockapoo loves toys; it will nibble on them until not much remains, so it is a good idea to buy chewable and degradable toys that taste good, like those normally sold in supermarkets.

If the Cockapoo has access to the garden then it will be better to keep it well cleaned to prevent branches, dried leaves, and bugs from adhering to their fur. You should also give it a roof to prevent the sun from hitting it directly during the evenings, when it is at its highest point, and also a high area in case it starts to rain heavily and you are not home, so its area does not get flooded; it must a have a place where it can be safe and dry.

It is also important to have several beds or dog houses since another dog in the Cockapoo’s house can easily cause a fight between them, because its territory is being invaded, and they both believe belongs to both of them.

The garden should have an area where you can it can do its business. It is convenient that you teach the dog a designated area to go potty, so you don’t have to go around picking up its messes around the whole yard.

The garden must also have an adequate fence. Since it is curious, the Cockapoo can easily decide to take a walk around, and as it is a beautiful dog, it may be stolen, either to request a rescue or as a new pet to another family.

Finally, try to make the Cockapoo’s environment change eventually, so it does not get bored while it’s home. Allow it to go to the garden and enter the house freely. Give it its daily walks so it can listen, see and sniff new environments.